View Full Version : AC Rebellion: Will Helix Rift events reoccur after some time?

12-11-2018, 01:26 PM
Will Helix Rift events (like the one in Greece last week) reoccur after some time or will they be “gone forever” once they took place? And if they reoccur: How long will it take until we can play these Helix Rift events again?

(By the way: How many different Helix Rift events are there in total?)

12-12-2018, 09:16 PM
There's a few different rift events. Sorted into 2 main types.

The greek event is a major event. 10 missions and legandary DNA rewards. and ran for 5-6 days?

The small stealth event that ran for a couple of days and had rare DNA.

The current event, Horacio's Retribution has run half dozen times or more. I've got Horacio to 5* with 456 excess DNA. As well as picking up 5 Spada Lunga (4* greatsword)

In the past it's been Major rift event, small break, Small rift event, break, Major event, etc.

The 3 major events are Horacio's, one with Lupo legandary DNA, a turkish event with Ishak DNA and the greek Kass/Alex DNA.

Small events are the stealth, an assassination one, a speed event and another with just random Rares.... If I remember correct...