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12-11-2018, 10:51 AM
I do like this big guy but do consider him OP. I assume Ubi will soon fix his animations and maybe slightly tune damage. However, I think there might be one problem remaining.
His revenge feat.

Why is this a problem?
Well, he is build like no other to deal with multiple foes. However, now that he can get revenge when locked on and dealing damage, he is going to build it very, very fast. Due to the gear perks available to him, once he gets revenge, he does have a solid edge over a lot of other heroes as well, because deal with it - heavies got the sweetest perks. However, bundled with some other survival feats, this ultra fast revenge does indeed make him a team killer. And once people hit a level where its not unlikely that you needa be carriying parts of your team, you will be a bad carry if you do not choose JJ those days. Because as a JJ you might can seriously be grinning happily when the second or third enemy joins the fight. Even if you might die in the end. Chances are you kill some of them. Or all. Same of course goes for the opponent. And even when you are in a duel situation against the opponent JJ, when your friendly player joins this fight, he is more likely to get you (and him) killed due to JJ revenge then to be of any help.

To be clear, this is no rant against revenge. Revenge is important and needs to stay. And I don't want to get any strong heroes nerfed to the ground. I simply think that replacing this revenge feat with something else might actually make him more bearable. Because its mostly his feats and perks that in combination really make him kinda monstrous.

Besides, it could be that even more tweaks are needed to really bring him in line for the team modes. But though I would not mind leaving him as the strongest pick, I will mind if he is too far above the others. And I really do feel he is too far above the others right now. So trying to reduce his team fighting effectiveness with not giving him revenge before his opponents get it could be a step into the right direction.
Or not effective at all :3
So if anyone has better suggestions, feel free to add in.

12-11-2018, 10:56 AM
right now is the best hero for the 4v4 modes ,no more raider or kensei,his high range, dmg, parry punish, revange power, health ,buggy lights and feats make him a war machine even too agile for a old man.

I really don't unbderstand why they not fix his stupid animations

12-11-2018, 11:50 AM
Oh i think they do. But will take time. Still, his speed will stay. Thus he will remain very strong. Besides, the animations will be changed for us what means another learning process and adaptation to new animations. I mean actually he is really, really weird. Assassin speed heavy character with unblockable second attacks, high damage and some mixups bundled with an extended, soon to be buffed feintable dodgeattack. Not to forget hyperarmor, chainable zone and cooldown cancels. No wonder he even performs as well as he does in 1on1 even though the community said he will be weak in duel. He is not. And lastly, we could consider effiency with scoring. Here, JJ can shine as well. A lot of points for objective stuff, assists etc - you often see them on top of the scoreboards with assassins often trailing last.

Finally - a good point - he is so incredible fun to play. Twirling around the battlefield, hitting and destroying everything.,Recently picked up Nobushi and realized you cant even heavy light or light heavy? Your top light was 600ms? Your dodge attacks don't dodge anything? You can compare him to other characters rather easily, but nobushi is best suited for this task. And even with people saying her hidden stance is better then his. He is fun and fluid to play. Nobushi is not. And where do you see a Nobushi shining anywhere in a recent team match? I didnt.

So can we keep this fun and strong big man without him being overly dominant and maybe bring a few others on his -fun-level? Would love it.

12-11-2018, 01:35 PM
Not sure which feat you're referring to. But basically nearly all of his exclusive feats are actually over powered. They deff need to be adjusted down the line.

12-12-2018, 04:49 AM
I hard agree with the OP

12-12-2018, 04:41 PM
He has broken animations, best char in 4 vs 4 , top 3 char in 1 vs 1 and you want some buffs ?:)) Not bad :)))

12-12-2018, 09:25 PM
He has broken animations, best char in 4 vs 4 , top 3 char in 1 vs 1 and you want some buffs ?:)) Not bad :)))
You do realize the OP was asking for a mild feat nerf right?

12-12-2018, 10:00 PM
The team is aware of the feedback on JJ's animations, but what does everyone find to be most challenging or overpowered when it comes to his animations? How do you think this effects his gameplay overall?

12-13-2018, 06:53 PM
#1 Dodge Attack into light. It's incredible fast, has tracking on its own and on console, the time I see the indicator I already took the damage. Despite the fact that I hate it that you gave someone an out of jail card for dodging, you even gave it to a high hp heavy with static guard and added nice damage for such a strong safety option.

#2 lights. Though you can deal with them, he seems to start his strike slowly and then suddenly hits you. Ugly and feeling very, very bad.

#3 zone in chains. Specially in revenge state he can Parry anything, get his free zone hit into another attack. With target switching and after hit from chain attack into sifu to another unlock zone into target switch attack into ... You where I am going? Due to his weird animations it's very hard to deal with one that utilizes his options.

Overall effect on his gameplay? I think he is the by far strongest pick in 4on4 on console. And I am convinced data tells so too. He is easy to pickup, fun to play and hard to master. So you got a diverse, fun and totally op hero that could you, if it existed, carry you from silver Dominion to platin at least. So once he is normalized, we will have a lot of unhappy people. And depending on how you deal with him, they will have every right to be unhappy.

His moveset is good, his animations suck, his numbers need tweeking. Leave heavy damage on heavy and riskier attacks, but remove some from zone and his dodge heavy and light. Because having this tool besides all other tools and this attack being chainable is just too good on him.
Guess no need to talk about feats. Everyone agrees those are op.

12-13-2018, 09:11 PM
I think fixing the animation bugs will be enough to calm JJ down since he wouldn't land free heavies as much and, thus, reduce his damage rate. Free damage would make any character OP. I don't have an issue with his feats since I faced teams with multiple JJ's and didn't really find aspect of his kit to be OP. Only the skilled players were challenging.