View Full Version : what will be the future of this hero on season 9? UBI we need answer

12-11-2018, 08:59 AM
with the advent of season 9, these heroes go even lower and will become trash.

Aramusha: no need to saying how bad is now and the Devs have said nothing more for him.

Raider: yes ok is useful and strong in dominion, breach bla bla (never like JJ) but in 1v1? only if you make parry to the light attacks you can win (turtle) and with the advent of the Chinese this season ,the buff of LB and Shugoki, will be in the top 3 of the worst.

Highlander: yes OF stance is strong but only as turtling and many heroes now stop him without problems, but I wonder, is this the future of the highlander? Only OF stance and hope not to meet a Tier S heroes or an assassin with Undodgable side attacks or 400 ms lights?

Centurion: by now has become the icon of the meme and nothing else ... will become a D tier in the season 9?

Ubisoft if you want to balance the game you do not do things halfway like you did for 2 years.