View Full Version : Please, give us options for match making

12-11-2018, 07:31 AM
Alright, so right of the bat, MM needs work across the board, it's borderline broken most of the time, skill is apparently meaningless as is rep, but that's not why I am really getting tired of the way it's working, i'm so so so so so tired of being a fill in, I don't want to replace people who rage quit in breach, because they tend to have valid reasons for doing so because of how snowbally that mode is, so I don't want to play in that match either.

Give me the option to opt out of being a fill in, even if that makes my MM take longer, i'm fine with that.
Ontop of that, allow fill ins to just quit without penelty, they have to pick up where everybody left off, and when the fill in is screwed because of the game they got pulled into that is too far along for said player to be of any help, it's just flat out unfair.