View Full Version : Global Event #5: Blackout Returns For The Holidays!

12-06-2018, 12:00 PM

The fifth Global Event, Blackout, is returning to The Division!

Start: December 13th, 08:00 AM UTC
End: December 20th, 08:00 AM UTC

The following modifiers will be live during Blackout:

Blackout—Always active. Agents are equipped with Shock Ammo that stuns enemies. Shooting or running builds your Charge meter. The more Charge, the more damage you inflict.
Extreme Blackout—Blackout behavior, plus you can instantly kill enemies with Overcharged melee attacks, but if you miss you will stun yourself and your allies.
Total Blackout—Extreme Blackout behavior, plus your Charge meter will cool down faster when close to other group members.

Agents will have an opportunity to earn the following Classified gear-sets:

Classified DeadEye
Classified D3-FNC
Classified Striker's Battlegear
Classified Tactician's Authority

The event works the same way Blackout has in the past. The Rictus, Vulcan, and Tao masks will be available alongside weapon skins. Please note if you have already earned Blackout's weapon skins, leaderboard caches will not yield new rewards.