View Full Version : Fallen Ghost is total super buggy crap...??

12-04-2018, 11:35 PM
Good evening everyone,

I dont know, how others, but on PS4 the Fallen ghost DLC is giant disaster. The testing team would deserve to be hanged for letting this out. I came to the half of the DLC and I lost my nerves. It is uncomparable with the classic Wildlands game.

Enemy keeps spawning all the time every half of the minute in the middle of the fight, the rebels does nothing to the enemy, team mates keeps dieing like noobs, armored unit survives grenade blast, quests are messy and often get stucked, weapons are nowhere to be found (there is even less number of them) and the best thing is dieing rescued VIP in the chopper on the way to the rebel safe point...and many many more.

Honestly, I dont know if these problems are only on PS version, but its comparable to the ALFA test. The whole game is just about yellowed uniformed unidad on the same map, which cant be killed....Im sorry for this.

Have a nice day.