View Full Version : Announcement Global Event #1: Outbreak Returns For The Holidays!

12-04-2018, 04:11 PM

The first Global Event, Outbreak, is returning to The Division!

Start: Thursday, December 6th, 07:00 AM UTC
End: Thursday, December 13th, 07:00 AM UTC

The following modifiers will be live during Outbreak:

Outbreak—Always active. Headshot kills increase headshot damage for a duration and hurt nearby targets.
Severe Outbreak—Outbreak behavior, plus enemies are 'Contagious' and will drain Agents' health when close.
Critical Outbreak—Severe Outbreak behavior, plus headshot-marked enemies are killed instantly by a headshot from another Agent.

Agents will have another opportunity to earn the following Classified sets:

Classified DeadEye
Classified LoneStar
Classified Final Measure

The event works the same way Outbreak has in the past. The Trench, CBRN, and Chemist masks will be available alongside vanity rewards. Please note if you've already earned Outbreak's weapon skins and vanity outfit, leaderboard caches will not yield new rewards.

/The Division Dev Team

12-06-2018, 05:31 AM
Thank you Marry Christmas and happy holidays. Any plans on patch 1.8.4 next coming year?