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12-04-2018, 11:15 AM
Hi everyone,

Some of you guys already know (I guess) that I created a website early in 2017, called TrialsTube (https://trialstube.net), on which I add the best videos (well, in my opinion) of the Trials franchise.


On this website, you could find several categories like HD, Evo, Fusion, Rising (soon) and a few other ones (like Frontier or T2SE videos).
You could also find a Trials Rising countdown release date right here (https://www.trialstube.net/pages/rising.php).

If you want, you can suggest some videos here, or, and I would prefer that, on the Trialstube twitter account (https://twitter.com/trialstube).
There will be some improvements / new functionnalities before Rising release.

Feel free to visit it by clicking here (https://trialstube.net/), or to feedback me later !