View Full Version : cannot use bows; I am lvl 3 and have gotten 2 bows so far

12-03-2018, 02:23 PM
So far the only 2 shot i have made were when the bowyer fixed the broken bow for me and she told me to test it out. That was just as I got to lvl 2. Since then I had tried to get char(male) to use the bow and I could not get him to equip it. the only item that would switch when I pressed "T" was the torch (and I do not know how I got that and I cannot find it in inv to unequip it) Also I did buy an axe and a dagger from the blacksmith and both of those will equip but still only the darn torch will come up when I try to switch weapons...PLEASE help me I looted a lvl 3 bow and now that will not work either ...If I could find any online manual maybe that would hrlp me. HELP HELP the merc and the c yclops are after and Im only lvl 3