View Full Version : AC Rebellion - Level up character (daily mission), DNA Cube Tokens and Helix Credits

12-02-2018, 11:58 PM
Hello forum!

1. I have three questions. I consider myself a very conservative player, and I wonder what would happen with the daily mission of leveling up a character if, by any chance (although I'm very far from that), I max out all my characters' level. Would that mission be indefinitely uncompleted, at least until I unlock a new character? Right now I'm leveling up one character per day; I know, sounds silly and a very slow-progress approach, but I want to make sure I'm able to get all the possible daily bonuses, considering there is a max for character's level.

2. My second question follows a similar mid to long-term concern: Should I use my DNA Cube Tokens right away, as soon as possible? Or wait until something like a special, limited time character shows up? Of course, I it's very possible that, if such a character shows up, it will be available by using premium currency or real money only. But what do you think? What are the chances of a better use for DNA Cube Tokens being available in the future?

3. And my third question: What's the most efficient way of using Helix Credits (premium currency)? Using them right away to get DNA Cubes (the one that gives a bonus, of course), or, again, store them and wait until a special character shows up? (Who's looking forward for the very obvious Altair character?)

I'll appreciate all your opinions. I'm a relatively new player and I want to get the most out of it as I really like the series. Also, I'm sorry if some of the terms are not correct; my game is in Spanish :p Hopefully, you'll know what I'm talking referring to.

12-03-2018, 05:37 AM
1) I'm at level 39 (current max) and don't have all heroes at lvl 39. I see no need to have them all max level as I can do all I need to with them lower. Tho all of mine are over level 32 which is minimum level for 4* gear. I've never reached a point that the daily level objective can't be completed and it's not something I'd want to test...

2) DNA cubes are locked to the basic 49 heroes. With the RNG % chance of each character depending on it's rarity. If you don't have many heroes then certainly get the DNA cubes and it's a boost. But the best way to get legendary heroes is thru the daily selection offer. I haven't spent helix on DNA cubes in 6+ months. The free DNA cubes every week and monthly rewards have been enough for me.

3) So far, new special characters have been Helix rift events only. Like Kass and Alexios. So those Helix credits can be used for rift tokens so you can climb leader board and get more rift progression unlocking characters. There has been 1 character that you had to rank 1 on the leaderboard to earn enough DNA to unlock and so far that event hasn't been repeated.