View Full Version : Played since first beta. This season took away all the fun

12-02-2018, 09:18 PM
Its sad because i defended this games forever but since marching fire came out i barely touch this game. The arcade mode is extremely annoying and rage inducing. I think it is what put me over the edge. I did the 2 first ones to get the effects for my 60 zerk and its the most annoying unfun experience i ever had in gaming. Also endless steel used for ranking up the characters and ubi just rapes us and takes it all away. Now i dont even bother to upgrade anymore since u can get 3 perks no prob without upgrading.
The sale to the chinese destroyed this game.. I wish some other company takes the mechanics of this game and makes a real non anime medieval game. Only reason i played this game was because its the only fighting game with vikings in it.

Support in this game is also the worst i have ever been through. Remeber in the beginning they blamed us for nat and all that bs and opening ports etc. Did all that game was still ****. Sent msg to support saying specifically dont give me the rgular info with chaning ports etc and what answer do i get? Generic answer with the stuff i specifially asked them not to send me.. If i really said what i feel i would get instabanned and prob put on a terrorist watchlist lmao