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11-30-2018, 06:31 PM
Some suggestions and critics:

Premise: Really love AC:Origins and Greek/Roman Egypt of that time. Great game further evolved in a fully RPG/Action, AC:Odissey, wonderful.

1) Too much antiroman rethoric. I can understand that point of view in Egypt, but as Vitruvio itself said, Rome was not really an enemy of Egypt. Neither was Caesar indeed that helped them with Cleopatra and made reforms to counter senate corruption and grant to Rome peoples to be more rappresented.

2) Appreciate missions with Caesar and his visit to Alexander Tomb, was even touching, thanks for that, but Caesar itself was poor rappresented, maybe for that point of view in game history, but deserve a better work, maybe a game with it.

3) Caesar Face Look: You really made a very very bad choice and Historically inaccurate, you must use this one or similar.


The Chiaramonti Caesar dates back to 30-20 B.C. It could be little bit idealized following Greek Art Leaders tradition, but honestly not much. More over Portraits and genres sculptures in Late Republican Roman age, was usually very accurate.
Despite the fact that what He's done, his accomplishments are much more important than his look, he was anyway a very Charismatic man, beautiful, a great warrior, wise and smart. He had different women and even Cleopatra.
If for some strange reason you don't want to side with that, use at least The Tusculum Caesar, basically quite similar but older around his 55 years probably when was murdered and similar to some Caesar faces on the coins. Still a Nice Man and still Italian.


I prefer and its better the Chiaramonte ones, would be really an awesome dream to see it in a game, but that's it. Usually you follow better history, so a great delusion about this choice. I was very excited to meet Caesar, but felt a sense of delusion. He can serve the plot, but its a rape to History. In any case you could have reached the same results with narrative without destroying his portrait that could have used for another story too.

4) Rome plots suggestions, very important. It should be an Epic Story of a Roman Legionary Hero. Someone sided with Rome and Caesar, but had to face some epic challenge like the Gladiator movie you know. And naturally a full Action-RPG with deep narrative and Roman Empire's Rome City well rappresented like in Odissey. Maybe not just Rome City, but something like Origins and Odissey on larger scale. You could also take some good inspiration from the game Rise: Son of Rome.

That will be the Dreams' Game of me and many many peoples. You have all you need to do that. You can also rappresent a different point of view like you very well did with AC:Rogue, one of the best plots of all the AC Games. But I think anyway Caesar should be friendly but more neutral in the templar-assassins conflicts, maybe go over that. A little bit like done with Lorenzo il Magnifico in AC 2. I appreciate anyway like you managed those relations in AC:Origins except the fact they started to see Caesar almost as an enemy, but I can understand this side of the game story history point of view.

5) Rome and Caesar history References: you need to start at least from Santo Mazzarino and Franco Cardini. Or just contact Cardini itself for History consulence, He's a Mazzarino's former student and today maybe the Best Rome History expert in Rome.

Always appreciated the deep historical accuracy of the game. An AC: Roman Empire with Caesar deserve an Historical accurate and proud rappresentation of Rome and Caesar and his son Octavian. You can also take inspirations from the De Bello Gallico and De Bello Civili wrote by Caesar himself.

And Thanks Ubisoft for your awesome games !
Now I came back in the Roman Cirene 8|

12-05-2018, 09:44 PM
Aside the Caesar thing, anyway I wanna say again how deep and beautiful is Origins and Odissey too. I studied and I like to still study History, and wow you can live that time. The work to put history alive is awesome and you can learn and understand things much better !

For example you can feel what's mean to live in the Alexandria of that time etc. Awesome. Infact they was used also in some University, awesome. Again, Thanks Ubisoft. Wait the same for Rome ecc. at Roman Empire time too :cool:

BTW we can see already some wonderful Roman region like Cirenaica in Africa. Great, but cannot wait for Rome