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11-29-2018, 11:37 PM
To start with I'm by no means a pro player or top 2.5% just a casual that enjoys the game but I took a break some where but I wouldn't say I'm about bad at the game either.

The issue I seem to be having is I cant tell if it's bad servers, bad connection, change in animations, or what it is but I find myself unable to parry attacks I had no trouble with before MF. I spent a lot of time practicing my parries on the ones I struggled with and could parry 90% of the stuff that came my way. Now I'm lucky to parry 30% of that. Not talking about JJ bugged animation either.

Also this just could be misunderstanding but I fought a HL last night got hit with one unblockable and could not dodge the next one. No objects for me to wall splat but why wasnt I able to dodge the next. Might just be misunderstanding a key gameplay but I dont remember having that issue before.

Also had issues where I cant counter guard break. See the target start animation for gb and I try to counter gb but nothing happens. Maybe my reaction time is just got really bad but I dont believe to be the case.

Any feedback is welcome. Curious if anyone has been having similar issues or it's just me. I'll also start recording my gameplay and testing what I can with bots to see if I cant figure some of it out on my own.

11-30-2018, 12:51 AM
For Me things get more wonky the higher the latency especially now in matching fire the latency seems more sensitive to the game play.

11-30-2018, 01:35 AM
Thanks for the reply. Glad I'm not the only one having same issues. The overall laggy buggy servers are making this light spam season miserable.

Really needs some attention to the high latency and buggy feel to it. Putting ppl at a handicap when you make spam meta and they cant react due to server connection issues out of there control. If it is to continue on this path. It might be time to retire the game.