View Full Version : (Settlers II) Weird function when clicking on any flag. (Compare to the old S2)

11-29-2018, 06:30 PM
Hi all!

I noticed in settlers 2 HE: when you place down a building and you click on the flag and just clicks again, the flag will be destoyed alongside the newly placed building which yet to be built.

In the old version when you placed down a building, clicked on the flag you didn't need to move the cursor to the build road box to press on it, it was alredy set on the box when you clicked on any flag, so you just needed to click again making life easier. (it was easy to build, easy to destroy military building before the enemy goes in, etc.)

Also if you managed to destroyed the military building in the moment when the enemy won and the unit wanted to capture your building, the enemy unit froze in place for forever.

All in all can you guys fix this cursor behaviour when clicking on flags?


EDIT:: Enabled Legacy cursor + control so it works fine for now.