View Full Version : Offering quests to other (npc)players

11-29-2018, 04:58 PM
Would it not be cool to be able to offer quests to other players online or perhaps even npc,s?
Quests can go from delevering goods (probably the most used one) to attacking aggressors (wich could becouse of your quets be marked enemy for them) and transporting goods from your warehouses.
More idees would be cool but this could really boost the multiplayer experience between players as well as your own interactions with npc's.

12-04-2018, 02:14 PM
I would love to see something like that. Imagine that nobody wants to sell me windows which I desperately need. So I just give somebody a quest to deliver some windows while giving them lot of money (much more than windows are worth) or some great item which I don't really need that much. Probably too late to have that in 1800 in February but I think it could be possible to add this later.

12-12-2018, 04:16 PM
It could also be double beneficial.
Let's say ou can give sily quests like sindk an npc ship or recover floatsom (all of those silly things npc's ask you).
And if you give this quets to a player you will have to reward him but if he completes the quest you get more city attractivness wich brings in more tourists and tourist income?

12-17-2018, 12:36 PM
I've been wanting this feature for ages! Instead of hunting down all my allies for a certain good that I desperately need, I could just set up a quest for all my allies and the one that delivers it to me first gets a lot of money. I think this would fit perfectly in the game.

12-17-2018, 01:39 PM
Unfortunatly they've stated that the AI is not capable of finishing quests. Giving quests to other players would be cool though, but every reward should come directly from the player giving it, otherwise it would be very exploitable.

12-19-2018, 11:36 AM
in case of money rewards yes it should come from the player giving it, those would count for quests like attack a player/pirate or delivering goods to a harbour.
But there could be some relation boosting quests in wich you could just give an item like a person or animal living on your animal wich yourself should not neccescary pay for.

as for the exploit if you give it a decent cooldown it is not that exploitable while still giving extra options for multiplayer games in peace time.