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11-29-2018, 03:59 AM
1. Get ride of count down respawn timer unless executed.

2. Add one or two standby teammates (IE 5v5 or 6v6 lobbies)

3. Add honorable 1v1 phased out fighting to the game.

4. Add health zones near spawns that only the specific team can use. Killing minions give health but zones do not like in inferno dominion aswell.

5. Add anti gank deployment for the loser of the honorable fight and much better renown for the winner both would go on standby after the fight.

Im not going into detail but when someone on your team is killed or phased out the standby would rotate in.

I believe this would help with so many issues people have with dominion. No I don't have all the bugs worked out of it but it's an idea to help solve some of the major issues with dominion.

11-29-2018, 02:42 PM
I personally don't want to be in "standby", but I'd be in favor of just about anything that is anti-gank related.

11-29-2018, 03:24 PM
The standby system probably wouldn't last any longer than the cames current respawn timer makes you wait.

It may help with deathballs, honorable fights wannabes, fewer AIs, people leaving the game, poor teammates, possibly better coordination, and add depth.

11-29-2018, 04:28 PM
As much as I hate getting ganked like everyone else, itīs a 4v4 mode, of course when a Team runs around as a pack and see a lonely hero they will gank him. itīs a Team mode, a gank is a Team based strategy (again, I hate it as much as all others but I understand why it happens).

Having an anti-gank perk/feat/whatever would destroy the whole meaning of this Team based game mode imo.

Friendly fire should do the same damage as it does to opponents! That could help against ganks (but not make them irrelevant or taken out) cause the gankers would have to be more cautious when throwing unblockables all over the place.

Could you explain a bit more why you want the respawn timers gone? Dying should be penalized, executed or not. They could tone down that timer a bit though.

I like the idea of having a healing Point for each side only that specific side can use

As much as I love honorable 1v1s, there is no place for that in a 4v4 game mode. Not from the game mode perspective, if the two Teams agree to let those 1v1s happen so be it but forcing it would just make a lot of players mad cause they will argue that Duels are there for a reason and if you want a honorable 1v1 go and play duels (and I would have to agree with them on that part)

11-29-2018, 07:44 PM
The ideas you have purposed are interesting but there's some big flaws.

1. People should be penalized for dying, not just being executed. If you lose you deserve to be punished.

2. I don't think having standby teammates is a good idea, just up the match sizes to 5v5 and 6v6. I play the game to play, not to watch. I fully support an official Spectator mode, but don't force people to do it.

3. It's a 4v4 mode. If you want an "Honorable 1v1" go play duel. I hate getting ganked as much as the next guy, but to say people shouldn't play as a team in a team mode is ridiculous.

4. These are the Capture Zones, the Dominion maps are not large enough to support a need for these. The only points on any map I could this being useful at is in each team's spawn to help dissuade spawn camping.

5. Again, team mode, don't punish team play or incentivize running off solo. People already run around like headless chickens in dominion, don't justify it. Also again, no to "Standby", I either play the game or I don't. I'd say add a spectator mode for those who want it, but don't Bench players

11-29-2018, 07:48 PM
Also, you say these are fixes to the "Major Issues of Dominion" but you need to point out what those major issues are.

Ex. Issue 1: Ganking
Ganking requires generally little skill and revenge is nigh useless these days, perhaps have the renown a player would gain for killing in a gank be divided between the teammates involved. Say it's 8 renown for a kill, me and my friend kill a guy, we each only get 4.

Issue 2: Spawn Camping
Ganks will sometimes push teams to their spawn and hold them there, ganking them as they spawn, perhaps letting the team who is getting camped have constant health regen in spawn would help dissuade this

You get the idea.

11-29-2018, 10:46 PM
It's not about ganking or honorable fights in 4v4 as a whole.
Ganking as it stands causes a meat grinder because of map setups, the ability to heal on zones, having a bot on your team, bad teammates, and slow heros to name a few reasons.
A person shouldn't be punished so severely for losing any fight. You lose time distance no renown, no boosting, no minion kills, ect. A player should be given a reward for fighting and losing honorably but not as rewarded as the victor.
Bots, few teammates, poor teammates, bot/new teammate respawn time, idle teammates, backout teammates, slow moving teammates, teammates that wait for other teammates to spawn, ect all waste valuable time that could be used more effectively.
Adding a standby may help to alleviate many issues dominion has in the format I've suggested.
It's not about honorable fights. It's about having an extra player to try to get on the field as insurance for a stable game play. 4v4 needs more players because of the above issues that I thought up just from the top of my head. Something has to be done. IDC if my suggestion is used but if 4v4 can only be 4v4 for mechanical reasons than something must be done to insure dominion stability.
This penalty for leaving is a crutch for a system that favors ganking by teamed up players. People also wish to have honorable fights in 4v4 which caused undue teammate frustrations.
If two players who "on guard" to eachother they go out of phase where no feats, perks, ect can be used (they might get full health restored to IDK) if there is a standby he comes in.
The winner of the honorable fight gets more renown they he would otherwise and the loser gets vanguard deployment after standby. At the end of the fight both players go to standby.
If someone on your team dies or goes out of phase for an honorable fight the standby enters the game.
Hope that clears things up.

PS. Again you already spectate when you die or back out with a penalty or the time it takes to enter another lobby. Personally I'd rather wait in standby for maybe a few seconds longer. Not to mention you could just have the standby rotate, be permanent, or be equally distributed. You could request to be the standby also could be another option for those that eat while they play or whatever. And if someone backs out... The AI is a full time standby so as long as no one is stupid enough to have a honorable fight at that time there is no wait time to respawn unless you were executed then you wait 5 second.

11-30-2018, 10:48 AM
Personally I would go along the lines of:

Introducing captains to the game mode. 3 defending captains to protect any objective currently held by your team. (they will spawn similar to archers in Breach).
3 defending/attacking captains on the minion zone. Captains will spawn/despawn depending on who is attacking or defending the point.

Allow defending captains to revive friendly players. Allow attacking captains to execute opposing players.

Increase damage for minions to 2-3 damage.

At each spawn zone, something to deter opponents from camping. Perhaps the permanent bleed effect used in Breach to keep people in the right area. This will automatically turn off once a team is breaking.