View Full Version : Please, make me reinstal the game

11-28-2018, 02:33 PM
I had a critical system failiure a few days ago, I had to reset everything. After checking a few of the current For Honor clips, and checking the recent state of these forums, I just don't think I want to spend hours with reinstalling. Comparing this forum to the state it had two weeks ago, it is clear how the community feels about slow balance changes. I think I am not the only one losing faith in the future of this game.
Really, do something to make us play. We don't want to play our rebalanced mains in next Summer, at this point anything you might do is better than what you plan (two or at most three reworks/season, with very slow readdjustment time if it is clearly not working well). If there is at least one hero who is basically chanceless against some others, your number one priority should be fixing that.
Why is pingpong worse than the current state? If you would have taken the liberty to buff up lawbringer with everything you have, renerf him a little when he stomps conquerors for two weeks, than give back a little someting when it's the other way around or too much in other game modes, we would already have a somewhat good middle ground. Complains would be more silent, since they would know you are on it.