View Full Version : Suggestion Assassin's Creed Syndicate hood on feature

11-26-2018, 01:08 AM
Ubisoft is anyone listening here about AC Syndicate??

:confused: :confused:

I know it's been a long time and previously nothing was done for this but someone has to try again.
Some ppl are still playing this game and I really would like to request a patch for Syndicate.

It is about the not being able to walk with the hood on (or crouch with hat on).

Would it be possible to make a very small patch for it (I know it's been to much time but it is still bothersome to not be able to do it).

It could satisfy anyone (even the ones that don't like it) if it could work like that:
At walking speed (which is the position where the player can change his stance):
-- Holding X-A-Space brings the hood on/of
-- Tapping X-A-Space puts the player into crouch (no-matter the hood)

I know it's not the easiest thing to ask. I know the animation needs to change (which means more work for Ubisoft employees) but the transitions stay the same since the
stances already exist. Still in 2018 years after its' release it is still bothersome to not be able to look the assassin part in a really good assassins creed game and when
it could work this way it would add a lot to the experience.
(I realize how funny it sounds when I am referring to putting on a hood it is a very long requested feature -amazing how it hasn't been implemented in the gameplay with all the detail that is possible nowadays- but this game got so close to it why not do it already?).

I don't believe anyone will hear me or go even further to put the work into it but since the remaster of an ever older game is coming (with allegedly more gameplay features) maybe it's possible and anyway I really had to try, maybe if more ppl get to this thread it's going to help?? (very BIG maybe) :( :(