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11-24-2018, 11:27 PM
If possible I would like to add this question to the list for the next warriors den Q & A segment.

A while back visual customisation in this game was changed to the system we currently have. Any visual we unlock as we scavenge the battlefield, be it after a completed match of by opening crates, is added to our library and can be applied to our gear. This change is really good compared to the previous system where we would have to keep the gear piece we liked the visuals of in our inventory, and still would have to leave it behind when we ascended to a new gear rarity.

BUT, when this system was introduced, it started from scratch. Meaning that we all started with an empty library which only got filled when we found new stuff on the battlefield or in chests. This is in itself not a problem.

HOWEVER, for those of us that had been playing for a long while, and those who were serious about one or a few characters, this was a problem. These player's favourite heroes already had gear on the highest gear rarity. As lower rarities literally stops dropping both on the battlefield and in chests there is no way for people to get the visuals they missed by being too high rep.

IS this a problem? Probably not for a lot of players. It's mainly for the crowd that either wants to have everything in the game, or likes the earlier visuals. If I want my warrior to look like he's just crawled through a battlefield fighting for his life, then my library of bejeweled, golden and spiky stuff won't make that happen.

SO, to the question. Are there currently any plans for making the visuals of lower gear rarities available to high-rep heroes?

11-25-2018, 01:13 AM
We didn't start with an empty library, though. I specifically remember being said in a Den and on patch notes that items acquired after the Frostwind event - December 2017 - were already remembered. This change launched around May this year, so you had around 5 months of already memorized visuals.

As for your question, starter and average gear has dropped as Legendaries since forever. There is no piece of gear that is impossible to obtain when you reach rep 7. There's nothing stopping you from acquiring them right now.