View Full Version : PS4 Ac multi title questions and thoughts

11-24-2018, 09:41 PM
Hey guys so real quick I have played all of the AC games except syndicate. Origins I only played for a hour or 2 amd odyssey I am probilly 3/4 though it. So the first thing I want to know is syndicate more like the past games or is it more like odyseey and origins. There are obvious differences in origins and odyseey when compared to all the earlier games and I want to know where syndicate fits in.

So also I want to know what every one thinks Did Ubisoft drop the ball on odyssey Don't get me wrong odyssey is a GREAT game. But I don't know it doesn't feel like a assassins creed game......as far as play style even tho I only played origins for a lil bit it seems similar so that is part of it just the play style is so different but even more important to me I loved the stories and the back stories to all the AC games now I am told the origins of the assasins was made in origins wich makes sense so if the AC was founded in origins but then odyssey wich was earlier in time how is that a AC story? i am 3/4 through odyssey and unless there is some huge surprise at the end it just doesn't seem to make sense as a AC game personally i love the game but what they should have done is take away the refrences to assassins and made it a whole nother game completely i think the AC name hold weight people buy them so they through the name on there so it would sell I don't know what do you guys think????