View Full Version : What I have been doing recently

11-23-2018, 12:38 AM
So as you know fallout 76 has released and I have been playing that. Final fantasy brave Maxima got ported and I have been playing that too. Finally, For Honor is still on my drive so I have been playing that too, but honestly not as much. When I do play, I just do duels mostly. Maybe some dominions, but not breach. To be clear I don't dislike breach, but I have not had the itch to play it like before. I also have not touched arcade since the second weekly. They say for Honor is losing players, but I don't think so. Not in the traditional sense at least. I think, like me; alot of players are just doing other things and popping back in every once in a while.

The devs are collecting data from ranked matches. As well as other sources, like here, youtube, Reddit, etc. Hard numbers will cause action though as shugoki and peacekeeper are on the list for changes. I wonder why they didn't mention warlord, because he was at the bottom bottom. Either way, what I want to say is you should play ranked duels. Don't get all super rage critical when doing so either. Play ranked duels with the characters you like and want to see changed. Once the data rolls in on those characters from a lot of people, and if it reflects the supposed state of the character then there will be changes made or not apparently. You can do this as I do, at least once a day for a couple of matches. 3 minimum. Also, if some of you play fallout 76 and are willing to sell your ballistic fiber, I would be very interested in that.