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11-22-2018, 11:10 AM
For a start, a small preface. Before playing Assassin Creed Odyssey, I treated her extremely negatively. And in this there is a share of the guilt of Yubisoft themselves. They released such a faceless and uninteresting Origin that the effect of it spread to Odyssey. But to my surprise, I was mistaken. As the game Odyssey is not even very bad. I have already played 80 hours in it, despite the fact that I walked along the side walls and question marks. I have no difficulties with farm because of this. Actually, therefore, I see that all is not lost in yubisoft. We need only good ideas to secure the result. And of course, to finally make a good Assassin's Creed and not just a good game. And here I am in the process of playing the Odyssey began to generate ideas that, in my opinion, would be worth implementing in the next part. I will start with three things and, over time, I will update the topic by adding new ideas. And I have plenty of those.

1. Improved resources from artisans.

For each player in AC, the question arises about the accumulation of a large amount of resources at a late stage of the game. They, in fact, are not where to spend and it is difficult to stop collecting. The chests !! And now I had an idea how to solve it. The game has blacksmiths. So why not add to them the function of improving resources, which, after improvement, should be used to craft good weapons and armor and improve them. Of course, any critic parries the pier, in which case they will accumulate improved resources. Not. And here is another suggestion. Time will be spent on improving resources. I threw more resources into the order to the blacksmith, it would take more time to complete the order. Schematically, it would look like that. For crafting a good samurai sword you need forged steel, and for its production you need coal, iron and obsidian. And so everywhere. And for the ship is the same for small arms. Wow, the thought of it made my fingertips tense. I hope you understand the general logic of my proposal. You can also enter legendary resources.

2. The system of consequences 2.0.

Playing in the AC Odyssey, I basically liked the system of consequences. When, after completing a side or other quest, you may encounter a person who did not like your choice. But this is very little. And here is my suggestion. The consequences should affect everything. Let's say you cleared the outpost along the quiet, killing only the captains, then the soldiers without a commander began to become robbers or members of a sect. They begin to rob nearby settlements, and especially the brazen become the new leaders of the robbers. If, however, the outpost was cleared out along the quiet, then over time, traders and peasants will begin to settle on its territory. If, however, made a massacre, the outpost will become a dwelling place for wild animals. Variations can be thought out fully.
Also change the recruitment system. Suppose you decide to take an enemy commander in command, with good stats, but later this commander can organize a riot on the ship or leave the ship with part of the team. A recruit-robber can kill several members of the ship’s crew and steal resources.

3. Improved quest system.

Here, many say that the quests in AC Odyssey are generally bad. I want to talk not about their quality but about the principles of their work. I personally liked how motivated the game to look for space cultists. When you need to perform side quests to find the desired cultists in them. The same can be said about finding the keys to mythical creatures. But this does not need to stop. And here are my ideas on this. Introduce three types of quests into the game. Conventionally, divide them into gold, silver and bronze. Bronze side quest is a simple quest "Go get it". Just for experience and money. Silver is quests with a simple chain of sequences. From two three consecutive tasks. Their number should be equal to the number of bronze quests. And finally the golden quests. These quests consist of at least five links in the sequence. But the most important thing is different. In order to advance the story of the golden quest, you need to find and execute another quest, silver or bronze. I will try to show an example. Suppose that the quest you need to get to the reception of the ruler and kill him. But the trouble is, all guests must be dressed in a certain outfit. Yes, and with a hidden blade no one will let. Therefore, you need to find another quest in the open spaces of game Japan, with a reward for completing which will be the necessary outfit. But nowhere does it say that the reward will be. This is necessary to understand by who gives the quest and what kind of service is needed. it is also necessary to find a quest that gives a person engaged in weapons, but from the description of the quest it is difficult to understand, It is difficult but possible. Comparing all the information obtained in the description of the quest. In the end, you can complete one gold quest to go over the floor