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11-21-2018, 10:48 AM

First the Settlers 3 joke of a multiplayer lobby and now this.
I have decided to download Settlers 7 since I was denied a refund of the Collection even though Settlers 3 description blatantly lies about Multiplayer, and was greeted with an unplayable game.

Yes, literally unplayable. Game freezes while loading, and even if it manages to go all the way through to the Menu it has fps drops below 30 and freezes as well.
It is fresh after download & install of the game.
One time when trying to run the game I was also greeted with notification that Settlers7R.exe has been blocked from accessing Graphics Hardware - like what the hell.

Does ANYONE have any clue how to run this piece of crap ?

My setup:
Windows 10 Pro

Managed to survive till Menu.
Game launches for some reason in astonishing resolution of 1024x768 / 1280x800
My attempts to change the resolution are futile as even if I change it and restart the game, it is not changing at all.

This is a wonderful game that I paid for and can neither play nor refund it.
0/10 would not recommend.

Managed to change resolution manually by editing .ini file
Game is still unplayable as it freezes either on the BlueByte logo or in menu, and I have difficulties even closing it using Task Manager.

0/10 would not recommend.


I just updates Nvidia drivers and restarted PC.
Game stopped even trying to launch. After pressing play NOTHING happens

I just want to get rid of it and get my money back :(

11-21-2018, 12:08 PM
Hello I understand that you have a problem with running The settlers 7 from 2010? is this the version of The settlers 7 History Edition? Problems with running this I know that they are basically similar on these two versions.

I bought a Settlers 7 History Collection 3 days ago and I had a problem with running Settlers 7 History Collection but in options.ini I set the resolution by editing this file in notepad.

If you do not know how to do it here you have it described https://support.ubi.com/en-Gb/Faqs/000032846/Changing-the-resolution-in-The-Settlers-7

Then we updated directx because of what I remember, the game requires Directx 9c. This is also possible to do to download sa directx library on the microsoft site https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109

As for the liquidity of this game, the old version of Settlers 7 as well as the remastered also has a performance problem, the terribly large drops are FPS frames especially on large maps during the multiplayer game so at least in my case is that my computer is

Processor: Intel Core i5 7600K 4.3Ghz
Ram memory: 16gb
Graphics Card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Xtreme Gaming 6GB
The game is installed on the SSD disk

If this is not a good help at this stage, do the file verification.
Oh, and also turn off the firewall or anti-virus program because it may be blocking my program Bitdefender Internet Security 2019

Maybe after these operations you should start the game, let me know if it helped ok?
If you have started the game, write me on some graphic settings you play and how much FPS you have when I play, I'm curious.

11-21-2018, 12:59 PM
Neither is helping

11-21-2018, 07:50 PM
Hey Massacrul, please see if these steps (http://ubi.li/mae8v)helps with this. If you need further troubleshooting, I recommend creating a support ticket with your MSINFO/DXDIAG (http://ubi.li/gsv9e) for further troubleshooting,

11-22-2018, 05:32 PM
Already tried that (support ticket).

So far it looks like your game is unable to handle anything over 60Hz - though even if I set my Monitors refresh rate to 60Hz (which I shouldn't even be doing as it's native is 144Hz) the game still tends to crash about 30-40% of the time.
So, 144Hz - Always crash
60Hz - Crash 30-40% of the time

Running as an administrator is not helping in the slightest, on the contrary it can make the game not wanting to launch at all.:
"Once both Uplay and Settlers7 have "run as an administrator", the game is unable to even launch at all.
If only Settlers 7 have "run as an administrator" same as the above
If only Uplay have "run as an administrator" game is unplayable and freezes during loading.
If neither has - same as the above.

I suggest you investigate that on your side and prepare a fix for the Hz / Fps issue crashing the game.

03-31-2019, 10:29 AM
Hi 😊
I think a have the solution for the Settlers game crashing. Savegames and other Settlers files are placed in the Document folder. If you have activated the Windows 10 Ransomware protection, it will not allow uplay.exe and settlers.exe to write to Document folder.
Open Ransomeware protection and allow uplay.exe and settlers.exe to write google: windows 10 ransomware protection allow app
Chears Michael

03-31-2019, 05:08 PM
On my Win10 PC is disabled but the game still chashes... is not playable :(
Any suggestions?