View Full Version : Devs, you won't fix the game with your current tools.

11-20-2018, 10:32 PM
You will never be able to fix this game with your current tools: faster lights, soft-feints, bashes, unblockables

*Faster lights: In higher leagues light spam is not existant, but in low play it's enough to jerk away most newbies. There are too many complaints. I am here since you announced the game at E3 2015, and I fail to block most 400ms lights. It works with low reactability.

*Soft-feints: Basically these are fast attacks that work with low reactability, that lead into regular attacks, bashes, guardbreaks and stuff. Works with tighter reaction window.

*Bashes have to be fast (Conq) or be part of a soft-feint (Highlander) to be viable. Basically it's just a fast attack. You don't get the damage directly, but guaranteed after a "fast" bash --> basically this is a light (in rare cases an heavy (Highlander)) with another paintjob. But still it works with low reactability.

*Unblockables: This one is more or less just 4vs4 stuff and OOS preasure. In pure 1vs1 situations (even in 4vs4 modes) an unblockable has mostly no chance even in mediocore skill levels.

SUMMARY: All you work with is just faster stuff. You locked yourself in a box with your system, where only speed works. You left out the aspect of pure break through power. Attacks can be slow, but not strong enough to ignore and overwhelm parries, and instead of reforming the system you have to dodge around the rules YOU have set.

New people will never accept an unreactable game.
The turtle meta is also no solution.

The problem is that parrying is too mighty in this game. Basic attacks (which should also be viable) are complete parry bait. It needs faster stuff, because you didn't come up with something else.

If Assassin classes have fast stuff it's cool and plausible, but even the new and reworked Heavy classes work with pretty much the same (fast bashes, 400-500ms lights). You don't get out of your box. You are locked in it.

You talked about how Shugoki's rework can feint his fully charged heavy. This is not much information, but still enough to tell that he works with the same stuff and becomes an !!! OBESE BALERINA !!!
I bet he will get 400ms light, more unblockables and soft-feints. Fast princess.

Let Heavy classes finally have slow and unparriable heavy neutral and chain attacks. Still blockable, but not parriable and prifit well from chip damage. Most stuff gets blocked with leaves a scar everytime.
Damage without being fast all the time.

Why is it not in the game?