View Full Version : Matchmaking?

11-20-2018, 05:10 PM
>Queue up for a game mode that his High Activity or higher
>Queue takes more than 30 seconds
>Is now extending its reach towards other players to match you into a game
>Me, playing at a lower skill bracket, getting placed into brackets above mine
>Eats extreme amounts of garbage because these players are alot better than I am (Coordination is another thing, but thats everywhere in all the brackets in 4's)
>Lose game, queue again.
>Finds game within the 30s allotted before player skill gets extended
>7/8 people, match is about to start
>Not enough players.
>Bots get replaced CONSTANTLY

I'm failing to understand why the game, after 30s starts to extend itself out into higher skill brackets. I've been tossing things around in my head for a while and I can't just seem to come to a conclusion as to why that would be the case in a 4v4 game mode. Granted, you've got your obvious stacks at any spot in play, but only after 30s? And for people that are fine with queue times being higher, there isn't an option to opt out of extending your reach to higher brackets?

The players thing is on a whole different thing, but I feel its a little obnoxious to not offer time for people to join the game as it starts, or as its starting if there are at least 7 players, readied up, in a lobby.

11-20-2018, 05:27 PM
For Honor's matchmaking has always been subpar they do need to improve there matchmaking a lot I would be okay with adding critia so I could wait a but longer for a more balanced game. I get placed in a breach matchs that you can tell are one sided from the start all the time the majority of the time I leave during the grave period and re que an amazing example of the matchmaking at is finest my last game my team were attackers all randoms me rep 164 /rep 35 /rep 41 /rep 50 defender pre made /rep 357 /rep 286 /rep 291 /rep310