View Full Version : Nuxia ornament (bots)

11-19-2018, 01:37 PM
Hello Ubi,

Some Nuxia bots are wearing Orochi's story-mode Tri-claws ornament. Is that intended? Did she have to play the Samurai story on "normal" mode to get it?

Sorry if it's common occurrence throughout the cast and I haven't noticed it before. I used to main Orochi and I went back to the story mode to get this ornament. It's the only one I've ever used on my Orochi so that's why I noticed it.

I'll add a link to a clip I took if necessary.

link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l92eSW8OVy5xtwY0nCeK5O5cfGjhtd8y