View Full Version : glitch or bug perk

11-19-2018, 07:08 AM
hallo people and ubiosft

im feels really sad about with warlord and jing jun feats thougs as nails with bulk up perk why bulk up perk and thougs as nails can be not connect? its glitch or bug im really pretty sad about warlord and jing jun its not work with bulk up and with Raises max health feats

thank you for read

what im means bulk up when you gpt feats thougs as nails you bulk increase health its gone when you got feats 3 thougs as nails and bulk up increase health its gone im not undersad its bug

im so sad im not understad its bug or glitch my bulk up perk was gone im got thougs as nails feats

thank you for read

and im hope ubiosft fix bug perk bulk up