View Full Version : (Settlers III) [Feedback] Map scroll

11-18-2018, 11:03 PM
The right click mouse scrolling max speed is too low, especially on large maps it becomes tiring. Also, once the right click has been pressed the cursor gets "wiggly" as opposed to the original where is stayed rigidly in place and the map movement felt smoother.

Additionally, in the original minimap screen repositioning worked instantaneously, now the camera flows over the map into designated place. Again, on bigger maps where there is a lot of fighting and switching between economy related tasks and army repositioning it slows down the whole process immensely, and is very annoying.

Another thing mentioned by others as well: the right click camera scroll triggers right click "send forces" which is annoying, and again, was not that big an issue in the original Settlers 3 Gold Edition.