View Full Version : (Settlers IV) Fatal Crash

11-17-2018, 08:19 PM

the games crashed multiple times because of a fatal error:

I cannot link it to a specific event. The latest crash is after loading an auto-save game. So that I cannot end a mission...

Have you received anything like that yet?

S4-Main.exe - Fatal error

Fatal error: Exception 0xc00000005 at 0x00c56492

11-18-2018, 09:05 AM
Hi there Uthuze!

Can you please try verifying your game files in Uplay PC (https://support.ubi.com/en-us/Faqs/000019000/Install-Uninstall-Verify-A-Game-in-Uplay) in the first instance? Let me know if this helps at all.