View Full Version : [XB360] AC4 Freedom Cry: Ironclad Ram does almost no damage

11-17-2018, 10:25 AM
When it comes to ship battles, I rely heavily on my ram. When i started playing Freedom Cry and saw the Ironclad Ram upgrade, i was stoked! It looks so cool and says it does 4000 damage, that's right up there with Mortar damage. But I was seriously disappointed when i went to use it and it did almost no damage at all. My ship made the same amount of damage with no ram.

In Black Flag, i would just go straight at an enemy ship and brace for impact before i ran into them. At least that's what i did before beating the legendary ships and unlocking the "charge" ability, which didn't carry over to Freedom Cry. So is the ironclad ram really that weak? Did they forget to figure in the damage when programming it? Is there some new technique or button to push to use the ironclad ram? I've searched forums everywhere and nobody seems to be having this problem but me. Little help?