View Full Version : So whats even the point of gear score now?

11-15-2018, 11:05 PM
I feel like gear score is basically pointless at this point, you get such a negligible benefit for so much steel its not even worth it. Not to mention many heroes felt balanced with the old gear system and they feel weaker as they can no longer spec into things that benefit that character, unlike wu-lin who were not balanced around that. Lawbringer has gone from being a mid tier to basically useless in most fights in 4v4. Not to mention the insane amount of steel some people like myself threw into the old system only to have it all thrown away and being forced to respend it again to maximize the benefit of gear. Theres basically no scaling as you go up in gear score, you just hit tiers on when you can have more perks, beyond that, gear score holds no purpose. It should be reduced to a tiering system. The current system is just a giant steel sink with basically no benefit for the amount spent. Theres also the issue with wasted gear score at the top level. No matter what, you will always have pointless gear score somewhere, because perks dont proc until you have 600 in a given perk and anything above 600 holds no benefit, so if you have 600 or 900, it makes no difference and if you have 0 or 590 in another, same thing.

It just feels like the whole system was shoehorned ontop of the old system to not lose the steel sink, so people keep buying steel. Balance should come first, not profits, decisions like that are how you kill a game and considering for honor almost died until marching fire came out, keeping the game alive should be priority number 1. At maximum gear score, there should be some kind of equilibrium with the perk scores, so theres nothing left over if you optimize your gear.

11-15-2018, 11:21 PM
Well u can’t have 3 perks with your lowest gear score can you ? 😂

11-16-2018, 12:01 AM
It is just a steel sink. If it wasn't, all the gear would come with the full perk points and wouldn't need to be upgraded. Every piece of gear I loot needs to be upgraded to activate perks, so I just don't bother with them. For what they give you in terms of benefit, they're not worth it. I would rather spend the steel on executions.

11-16-2018, 12:56 AM
The only point to gear score now is if you play arcade. Which imo it shouldn't.

11-16-2018, 09:47 AM
Gear implies that have a better quality of equipment but you actually have not.. I also got the feeling that the new perk system concept isīnt really logic. Warden, Raider, Warlord, Kensei etc. for example has a very good healthpool and on top of that they get more usefull defensive perks that make them even more comfortable defense wise.

Some heros that would benefit from defensive just get temporarily useable speed for running, once usable low damage buffs or useless stamina regen perks.. The perks should be available for every hero. This is also a big problem of current state of balance.

Why need some heros complete executions to activate some perks? Executions getting interrupted by every minion since MF?? :confused:

11-16-2018, 02:35 PM
Gear is basically cosmetic now, gear perks are too situational and weak, and take too long to unlock in-game to bother putting any thought into. If the Devs want the new system to become valid like the old one, they're going to have to buff the perks and take away a lot of the conditions for getting these buffs.

One of the biggest cons of the new system is that they made the effects of the gear much weaker than the previous gear was, and have made upgrading the new gear more expensive than upgrading the old gear, you have to upgrade gear perks separately on the same gear piece... what the ****.

They can leave it how it is and hope people will eventually accept it, but I personally think it's dog s***, steel is better spent on ornaments and executions for the time being.