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11-15-2018, 10:38 PM
Something i'm aiming to do from here on forward is every time a Q&A or blog post comes up i'll nab highlights out of them and translate them into more understandable verbiage as sometimes what they say can be a bit confusing. The highlights will always be about something balance related and occasionally news related if it's something the community is personally asking about. If you guys like this sort of thing be sure to let me know in the comments below. Anyway let's hop in!

Just as a general thing apparently they've been tight lipped about balance and what not because they had been focused on new content. Not just pushing out new content but keeping an eye on it for data gathering and bugs. They said they've heard us when it comes to communication and they say they want to be more open with more dialogue. They are also seeking to be more transparent with us. SO lets hope they stick to that.

What they said: "Top three issues from a fight system perspective Reaction reduction, revenge when not outnumbered and targetting."

What it means: "The top 3 consistent issues they see from the general mechanics perspective- poor offense, Earning revenge in odd situations, improper hitbox issues."

What I think: "Poor offense is deff one of the bigger issues of the game at this time. And I welcome more viable offense. But I also wish they'd actually look into changing defensive mechanics. They kept this kind of vague so maybe they are. Revenge gain is indeed a problem. But the situation they brought up isn't the situation in which I would first think about revenge being something I dislike. (which is people getting revenge at all in a 1v1.) And the targeting thing. If i'm right about it being them adjusting hitboxes so you can actually hit better when out numbered that's an alright change."

What they said: "Shugoki: Shugoki has a weird playstyle right now where people gb to break the armour then they are having to light to try to break guardbreak after guardbreak, no expectation on lights working (600ms), no expectation out of demon's embrace, heavy finishers. Shugoki is the one they are working on as their biggest priority and they expect season 9. Apparently the floor are telling him to nerf the test build if that makes people hopeful."

What it means: "They're basically acknowledging that due to the nature of Goki's passive armor people have to play against him in a not fun way. They also acknowledge that he doesn't have any kind of offense and his big reward tools of demon's embrace and heavy finishers are poor because of how easy they are to deal with. Goki getting to a good state is their number one priority right now and he should be dropping in season 9. Also right now his heavies when they become unblockable are currently feintable."

What I think: "It seems like they mostly understand the plight of goki's kit. Not just playing as him but playing against him. So while the details are scarce at the moment it seems things are going in a good direction. I have no comment on the feintable unblockable heavy as I don't play goki. But i'd imagine it's a decent buff."

What they said: "Lawbringer: Ok nervous about saying this, Lawbringer works when he is able to counter attack, which is perhaps harder than they want right now. On the other side he has no opener, no pressure, even shove on block, ok he can shove but the opponent can just roll it. Ganking is great, throwing bombs is great, 4v4 he gets the job done, the situation they have is he is very good in one circumstance, not so much in the other. He is clearly a hero that needs some love and they are working on that. Just a note, they watch tournaments such as the ones they listed at the start of the show (Stefan did this in all his free time Season 5) and the likes that they mentioned, they don't go only off the numbers."

What it means: "They think LB's role in the roster is a counter attacker and they think that fits him well. Saying that he might even be a bit too good at that. They also acknowledge that he has no offense and no pressure and that shove on block doesn't work as they want because people can roll away. They tell us that he deff needs attention and they are working on him. They also made it a point to say that they do actually watch gameplay of high level play and not only look at numbers. (Stefan the real mvp.)"

What I think: "Really the fact that they openly state he needs love and that they are working on him is a good move. Maybe people can finally move past Roman's whole comment. It's nice to see that they acknowledge his counter attacking might be a bit too strong. But since they didn't mention parry into impale specifically I am a tad worried. As that's the main issue with his counter attack strength. They also didn't acknowledge anything about shove on block being bad for the game. So my hopes on it being removed are dwindling. But overall it seems like they understand his issues and they're working on him. So good good."

What they said: "There is a slew of other characters people are talking about, they are hearing it. They don't want to mention everyone , they brought up that they went a little too far with Peacekeeper, Warlord and Shinobi, all they will say right now is they don't want them to be based around out of lock sprint attacks."

What they mean: "They are looking into more heros than the ones they specifically talked about. They don't want to mention too many heros because they don't have any deffinitive things for us at the moment. They acknowledge that pk was more nerfed than an actual rework. They already mentioned in a prior post that they are looking at ways to improve her so them stating they went to far with her is just good to hear. Warlord and shinobi at top level play use a lot of out of lock stuff. They want to and are working on quashing that."

What I think: "As someone who was maining pk as the main assassin back in the day hearing them acknowledge their mess up makes me feel better. And the fact that they are actively targeting out of lock play makes me VERY happy. It's also nice to hear they are looking at other heros. But unless you actually tell me who and why It doesn't mean much."

What they said: "Bots, general feedback is Bots at level 2 are too easy Bots at level 3 are too hard. People are losing in Arcade more than they would like. Last patch they shaved down a little the damage btos are doing in arcade, next patch they will also be tuning down how infallible bots are at blocking and parrying. They have a lot of people looking at arcade and at bots."

What it means: "they are looking to make level 2 bots more of a threat and lessening the gap between level 2 and level 3 bots in terms of difficulty. They are also caefully watching bot behavior for arcade."

What I think: "Not much to say. For honor's AI is bad and the fact that a purchasable mode based around bots is effected by this issue is a really bad thing. So hearing that they're looking to improve the AI is good news."

What they said: "Gladiator zone attack, how do they plan to fix how the zone makes him feel cheap without breaking him given that is all he has? Zone is good, toe stab is good 4v4, the rest of the kit...well yeah, they haven't seen four lights in a row for gladiator ever. That is part of what they were talking about with how some things are entirely too reactable. This doesn't mean they are ignoring the people who are talking about light spam, but they do say watch tournaments, these do not work.

Some characters are stronger with their unlocked attacks, what are their thoughts on this? Yeah as they said before, they don't want people to be basing their whole 1v1 play around this. They want them to be strong tools in 4v4, but they do need to be looked at in 1v1 success? Warlord they would likely need a buff to compensate, shinobi is more complicated because his damage is alreay overtuned, but they want to knock these unlock attacks out of 1v1 viability."

What it means: "They acknowledge that glad's kit for the most part is lacking. They talk more about unlock play in that they want to keep the moves viable in 4's but less reliant on them in 1's. Looking to buff warlord to compensate for an out of lock nerf. They don't know what to do with shinobi's kit. But they do recognize his damage is over tuned. And they're looking at fixing his unlock game."

What I think: "I wish they talked a bit more on glad. They've known for awhile how lack luster his kit is but they don't seem to be giving us anything to hang on in terms of improvements for him. Buffing warlord instead of reworking him is the right call. I really wish they knew what to do with shinobi. But at least they're nerfing his out of lock nonsense."

What they said: "Will we get a refocus on ehro balance any time soon? Marching Fire they were very content focussed, now they are in a phase where the focus is more on balance.
Have feats been looked at for largescale changes? They haven't got any largescale overhaul planned. What they do like is how the Wu lin have feats that are more cohesive with their 4v4 identity, same with lawbringer bombs."

What it means: "Apparently they're now taking time to do balancing. No plans to overhaul the feat system. But they like how the wu-lin faction's feats feel more apart of the hero's kit/identity. Supposedly LB's bombs fit his character?"

What I think: " :( "

What they said: "Are they considering tweaking more frequently? They are reluctant to increase the balance rate, they don't want heroes pingponging. They had a period where they were doing big nerfs and buffs then rolling them back on the same move and they didn't learn if the changes were making a difference in the long term. They don't want to be like certain other games where hero viability changes wildly every week. What they do want to do is talk more often on where they are thinking balancewise."

What it means: "They don't want to do more frequent balances because they want a hero's performance to stay consistent. They do want to talk more frequently about their balance ideas though."

What I think: "poor excuse in my book. But if that really is their sole reason for not having more frequent updates then have a ptr. And always use it whenever you're going to make changes. This lets people testbed your ideas at a more frequent pace and keeps the main game safe from your sling shot worries."

What they said: "What is the status on rebalnce for Valk and PK? That is more a discussion for next week if they are going into State of Balance. What they can say today is they have seen the data, Valk is overperforming battlewise as a whole, tournament level not so much. PK as they said she is in a not good state."

What it means: "Pk is already being looked at. Valk is apparently doing too good in lower skill levels."

What I think: "I don't honestly believe that. But regardless this better not lead to a nerf for valk."

What they said: "With the removal of gearstats is there any chance they can look over the OG and DLC cast, certainly in terms of stamina? They can keep a look over it, they are not currently of the mind to make changes in reaction to the loss of gearstats as tournaments did not have gear stats to begin with and they have had that testbed. They are keeping the closest eye on revenge build and revive speeds with the gear stat removal."

What it means: "No current plans to address certain hero's stamina management issues. they're currently focused on looking at revenge and revives now that stats are gone."

What I think: "Well great. Another thing they went back on. Good that they're looking at revenge more closely."

What they said: "Why were minion killing animations removed? They are trying to unify combat, pikemen die in multiple hits so they can#t be used there, they were getting to the situation where if you are in dominion you do this, pikemen this, unlock this, then there are those who were far too slow. Zone has always been the most effective tool in that case in dominion."

What it means: "they attempted to make combat more simple by unifying your characters actions to be the same in all modes. Apparently they were not content with the move they designed to be minion clear as the only thing for minion clear."

What I think: "They seem to not be aware that in doing this they've made some unlock tech pop up for 1v1's. Tiandi gets a 30 damage punish with double unlocked light on every parry. LB can now use his top light in his unlock run mix up. etc. Also zone attack was the best minion clear for some heros. A lot of heros like warden were better at minion clearing with different attacks. Seems like poor reasoning for a change imo."

What they said: "Can we get a dedicated zone button? Um...if you can find a button free on the controller? More helpful answer maybe, if certain experiments work the way they are hoping they can have a little more leniency in the window in the future."

What it means: "no."

What I think: "eh. I think bringing back leniency is a mistake because that caused flicker issues. But if they can avoid that issue whilst doing this fine ig."

What they said: "Why is nothing being done about conqueror's shieldbash? It discourages players using anything else in his kit despite it being relatively solid. Stefan says he would like it if we could play a version where the characters didn't have moves such as these then tell them what tier the characters are. The emphasis needs to be more on can they give the whole roster a little more viability? If at the point they can do this and some moves such as the bash are too powerful then yes they can nerf that kind of move."

What it means: "They want to get every character in the roster viable competitively. If after doing so they find that certain moves are too powerful they can nerf them."

What I think: "Well I can say for sure that conq's bash doesn't need nerfing. The problem is the rest of conq's kit lacks in terms of viable offense. Which makes the bash over shadow the rest of his kit. I can say this response to the question doesn't make me happy or inspire my belief in the devs understanding of the game."

What they said: "Will Nuxia deflect be fixed as it can be blocked and punished? The Nuxia deflect is not guaranteed by design as it can have its direction of attack changed. Basically the deflect is the way it is by design.
Have Nuxia's traps been considered by the devs due to inconsistency? They are at the other end of the scale as they are with Conqueror. Her trap is 400ms and can be delayed which creates a semi reactable to totally reactable situation. If they can make the feint believeability to be more difficult that is more a large scale changed."

What it means: "Nuxia's deflect isn't meant to be a standard deflect in where it's another viable option to punish on lights besides light parries. It's meant to be a risk/reward situation where if you do land it you get meaty damage but the risk is always getting light parried. The conq comparison seems to mean they don't want to over buff her by tweaking her traps. Else they might end up in a conq situation where they get over used and is always the right answer to use. Changing the traps in most ways would be a big change so unlikely to happen."

What I think: "As a Nuxia fan i'm glad they're not messing with deflect. I like what it does. I wish we could also use another attack along side it to give options on the deflect but eh. A guy can dream. I understand their worry about traps. As right now traps rewards are strong but you risk getting hurt by using them. The game doesn't really have any kind of offense like that right now. The fact that (on paper) both players need to be making reads with her traps is really cool. So I can understand their desire to not turn them into things that people just always throw out no matter what. On the other hand they do need to be adjusted. shortening their recovery wouldn't be a big change patch wise and would do it a lot of good without making them an always go to option. But to explain that would be another post entirely."

Wrap up: JJ's animations are being looked at. And state of balance blog post drops next week. That's a wrap guys! Thanks for reading~

11-16-2018, 02:05 PM
When they spoke about Shugo and LB it sounded to me like they were looking at getting rid of Shugoki's hyper armor and LB's block shove, just by the way they worded it.

They brought up how boring and slow Shugo's hyper armor made fighting as and against him, then compared it to the block shove for LB, to me that means they are changing both of those things as they are by design bad for the pace of the game.

11-16-2018, 08:33 PM
Love this, if you can keep up with this on a consistent basis you'll be my hero.

Anything you want to potentially appear on the Warrior's Den can be cross-posted here, btw: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1956243-Q-amp-A-Thread .

11-16-2018, 11:27 PM
When they spoke about Shugo and LB it sounded to me like they were looking at getting rid of Shugoki's hyper armor and LB's block shove, just by the way they worded it.

They brought up how boring and slow Shugo's hyper armor made fighting as and against him, then compared it to the block shove for LB, to me that means they are changing both of those things as they are by design bad for the pace of the game.

I don't actually watch the dens as I don't have the time to do so. So I grab all my info from candle/reddit's summaries. It appears I got the targeting thing wrong and they were referring to target swapping when being ganked. I like that it's being addressed because I can't target swap to save myself. Anyway if they're indeed removing shove on block i'd love that. I still think goki should have his special armor. Just not passively.

Love this, if you can keep up with this on a consistent basis you'll be my hero.

Anything you want to potentially appear on the Warrior's Den can be cross-posted here, btw: https://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1956243-Q-amp-A-Thread .

Yeah I saw the thread. if it's going to be perma stickied then I might post my questions there.