View Full Version : Time to say goodbye

11-15-2018, 08:04 PM
Dev finaly done their job to destroy the game to 0. This game just dont do fun anymore. DONT get me wrong it will be always the best one of his kind for moment at least but how they changed things in this game , just total destruction. And after so much time what you hear is " we work on it" Why do you work on something which u dont spend enough money and people and time in it . JUST LET THIS GAME BE LIKE IT IS !! When i think back, ******* this game was EPIC . RIGHT NOW, zzzZZ zzZZZZ zzZZZZ. People say fix this fix that, total trash, zone of glad for example, garantee attacks after bulsheet of bashes, and you bring the whole new packet of ******** again with new heroes which u will need to "work" on it again becaus of being the same error . I mean so fast fist bash of tiandi a garantee light, spamm 100 time if u hit 50 time , gg ! just WHY ? is it really that hard? is it really lack of inteligence? i cant imagane that you guys havent enough iq for that. I mean just look at the amazing game itself BUT just why ?? why do you try everything in wrong direction?? Why did you nerf pk again??? HAAH?? ok i knew again, and what did you learn after that? well the new assassin shows ,you learned nothing ! absolutly nothing ! And this goes again and again and again, and on top of that ,the thing with no gears which would atleast give a verrrry LITTLE motivation to keep playing. ALWAYS when i,m alone and u just get the same teams where u have 0 chance with mates which dont play in team, i just switch to vs BOTS matches where i just want to enjoy the game mechanic like exes, kills etc. and DEV come around and did a nice job again like the rest of the game and totaly destroy how bots play. Bots run around ignoring players and just try revive a mate which u attack them and they just try to revive , I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHYYYYYYYYYY? YOU JUST CANT LET YOUr FINGERS AWAY FROM THIS GAME !???? PEOPLE SAY BOTS R DIFFICULT; GOD DAMN ITS NOT THAT HARD; GIVE THEM OPTION TO CHOOSE THE DIFFICULTY AT BEGIN BUT DONT DESTROY THE BOTS TO TOTAL USELESS TRAAAASH !!!
I JUST CANT REMEMBER when i just said wow they really changed something to A USEFULL GOOD THING.
GOD DAMN DEV , you really did it, and i still love this game. See you later.

11-16-2018, 02:50 AM