View Full Version : Warden, post update rework idea...because that shoulder bash, smh

11-14-2018, 02:53 PM
As a Warden main, I have to say, the update has turned out to be pretty lackluster. Shoulder bash is not fun to deal with, it's not really even fun to use. I would prefer the kit wasn't treated like the noobtube of the roster and the swordplay actually had some depth. I barely play Warden against players anymore, there's hardly anything you can do outside of shoulder bash. As much as it pains me to say it, because I love the character, the kit is often dull cheese.

How to fix this? Firstly, axe the shoulder bash's 3rd charge level, so there's no easy 40 dmg from neutral. However, the new charged bash would, a) have superior knockback for ledging, hazards, and wallsplats; b) gets hyper armour after the first charge threshold; c) staggers your opponent if they're attacking or in recovery, so if you hyperarmour through their attack or dodge their attack and bash them in recovery, you get a top heavy punish (more on that in a moment). Charging the bash would be useful for trading damage or punishing whiffs, not so much mind games. You could still do the 50/50, but while your opponent is neutral, the max you'd get off it is your side light combo.

Now let's talk about Warden's top heavy. I like that there's an unblockable chain finisher, but I think a lot more could be done with the top heavy. Make Warden's basic top heavy a 700 ms 30 dmg attack, and let the player perform the 40 dmg, 900 ms attack by holding down the attack button--this attack would become the 1100 ms, 40 dmg unblockable if it's a chain finisher. The 30 dmg is what you get off a successful charged bash (bash them while they were attacking or in recovery), you only get the 40 dmg if you wallsplat.

Additionally, the shoulder bash should chain from both a light and a heavy, and an uncharged bash should be safe from guardbreaks (otherwise it'd be another Centurion punch which is a free punish for his opponent). This would allow the bash to always be available to you while you're the aggressor, but as per the formerly mentioned changes, it doesn't grant high damage against a defender. I think the charged bash working this way could also benefit from a degree of directional control, similar to how Centurion's counter-attack after a parry allows you to aim just a bit, giving you more control over your wallsplats.

Now let's talk about chains and chain finishers. Firstly, you should be able to start any chain with a heavy, so you'd get a heavy, light, and heavy, light, light, heavy, and a heavy, heavy, heavy, etc. The other unique property of the uncharged top heavy (the 700 ms, 30 dmg attack), is it becomes 600 ms and 25 dmg if chained from any top attack, so it would appear similar to the 2nd hit in the top light chain, so you'd have much better mix-up potential and crushing counter bait. And lastly, the first base top heavy at the end of a chain won't end the chain (the second one will), so you can take your side lights into a top heavy, then into a side finisher, or any relevant combination, or at any point in the chain you could charge your top heavy to access your unblockable, including after a top heavy, since the first one won't end the chain.

I think this would really boost Warden's swordsmanship and make them feel like the longsword master they're supposed to be.