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11-13-2018, 09:11 PM
Hi there,

I am posting this on the Community Support because I think it a very bad designed ending.

The game was phenomenal, I have so much fun time. I have spent over 125 hours in the game doing the main and side quests, I have reached level 50 during the Kings of Sparta mission and I have never struggle whit grinding because I was above the suggested level just by playing the game and I had no XP or money bonuses. I just enjoyed the game and I think that as a whole, it is the best game in the franchise after Assasin's Creed II because the second one was the one that launched it into history and made me love the story and the universe as a whole.

But as much I have enjoyed this game, the ending is all messed up. I will not talk about the actual choices, but about the way they are present to the players. This is the thing that is messed up. VERY MESSED UP and lets the player with no feeling of accomplishment.

I don't know the entire name of the main quests, but there were four of them that I will name as following: Cult of Kosmos Quest, Familly/Odyssey Quest, Atlantis Quest and the Spear Quest. The last one is not that important, it can be completed anytime (well, only after you defeat the Cult except for Deimos and the Ghost, but that's it). The others are much more tied up between them.

I have gone to Chios and *****s to kill 2 cultists and to do the Medussa quest. And so I did. I finally had the final Apple of Eden, even if I didn't finish yet the Odyssey and Cult Quests, there was nothing to prevent me from finishing the Atlantis quest. And I was very curious to see what happens to Pythagoras (because he is a boss, like the rest of the gang), I went straight to Thera island (actually I have fast traveled, but you got the idea :)) ). I have done the quest, I have done the modern day sections and I was very surprised to see Kassandra (I played as Kass, so I don't know if I should see Alexios instead if I have chosen otherwise) and the story it had. It felt heart-breaking to see her die before I actually finished the other stories, but I thought: "Hey, Layla has to go back and unravel the mysteries I didn't know yet.". And I was excited to play further ... and SO WRONG IN THE SAME TIME. And I went back ... and saw Barnabas and Heredotos and I said well... let's see ... fast forward through conversations ... and Herodotos says: Maybe she is also immortal. [...] It was an epic odyssey. ..... And I was ... what ... is this the ending? I can't do the other missions? what? why what ... and then I am back in control of Kass ... WHAT JUST HAPPENED? did I finished or didn't I finished? What? why? what?

Fast forward to Lemnos and Thasos and some Ancient Fortresses and finally, I killed Kleon and mourned Brasidas :(( (what a good guy, even if he didn't trusted me fully in the end :( I guess that's life). Then I got 2 more quests: Speak with Myrrine and Destroy the Cult forever.

I though Myrrine will help me bring down the Cult, being my only close ally that actually knows how to fight and I went to her. And the mission makes me go the point where all it started. Fast forward and I have dinner with the family ... oh .. ok ... BUT I DIDN'T FINISHED THE CULT YET, WHAT AM I CELEBRATING? Reuniting and that's all? And then Barnabas says something like it's ending ... AGAIN ... When I didn't actually finish the stories ...

Ok ... let's kill the cult. Just to prepare for the battle, let's who is the Ghost: OH ASPACIA ... HOLY S...(joking, I already knew it because of some SPOILER idiot that put a sequence with Deimos and Aspacia together in the first 10 seconds of his video WITHOUT WRING SPOILERS ... that's life, I guess). So I went. Remember, I ALREADY DONE THE FAMILY QUEST. I ALREADY KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO DEIMOS. AND I ALREADY KNOW THAT THE GHOST IS ASPACIA. And the first reaction of Kass when she sees Aspacia: You are part of the Kosmos? ... NO S*** SHERLOCK ... You already know that ... You already know that the Ghost is Aspacia ... Why do you act surprised ... like why ... why? ... Going through conversations Aspacia talks about Deimos and Kass is surprised, again: Demois is not on your side? ... What the h*** Kass... You already know that. You already know ... And the whole conversation makes me break the connections because it is NOT CANNON and it is NOT TRUE to MY ODYSSEY.

Fast forward through the final Sokrates quest and I am left in controlled of Kass ... NO rolling credits ... NO final achievement ... NO conclusion ... NO nothing ... Did I finished the game? Do I still have to do something?

So, all I can logically deduct is that the ending was supposed to be played in a certain order: Finish Cult (optional), Finish Familly + dinner + Sokrates, Finish Atlantis. If so, WHY DIDN'T YOU LIMIT THE PLAYER TO NOT GO ON THERA FIRST AND DON'T FINISH THE FAMILY TREE BEFORE THE CULT. ... This could have been easily done thought some very few dialog options:

1. Preventing entering Atlantis:
a) Pythagoras says: The vault will seal itself after the third artifact once again. You have to have the power of the pyramid of Kosmos to enter it again. Done ... you can do this only after you kill the Cult. This will require the player to finish the whole tree ... so it may not work for all the players ...
b) Maybe you have to use the Spear of Leonidas and the Sword of Damocles to enter again ... Which requires the player to finish the Familly quest ...
c) Just use some Animus mambo jambo, put the historian from modern-day say that Thera Island has a glitch in the Animus and can't be accessed and remove it after you complete the family tree.

2.1. Preventing doing the Familly quest before the Cult quest
a) Force the player to do the Cult quest to trigger the Talk to Myrrine quest. ... but no ... this game is about choice, the player should be able to choose freely ... then let's go to 2.2 .... (sure ... choice)


3. Going back to Thera, into the Atlantis vault,
a) Based on the versions at point 1.
b) After the party with Sokrates and the gang, I will be actually funny for Barnabas to say something like: you carry this glowing ball of gold all around the Greek World. What do you want to do with it? And Kass looks at the Apple of Eden that she took from Medussa. And the player says: oh ... right ... Atlantis. Let's go.

And so, guiding the player to a very compelling and logical ending. One that has meaning. One that has an ending. One that leaves the player with a feeling that he or she had accomplished something after 125+ of gameplay. One that can end with the first historian in the world saying: "It was a great odyssey" ... eagle shout, sunset in slow motion, rolling credits and Ezio's family played in Ancient Greek instruments. ... Epic.

11-14-2018, 10:51 AM
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Raresch!

I've moved this to the general discussion/spoiler forum so the community can comment and discuss.

11-14-2018, 11:20 AM
Hi there,

I am new here, so maybe you are right, it should be in this category, although I think the screenplayers could have done a better job at the end. It could have done like the Witcher 3 ending: This is a point of no return. Please complete all of your missions or specific missions before going further.

Let's see what the community has to say about this. Maybe there other that had the same issue and ended the game with a very unsatisfying feeling, with no sense of accomplishment. I don't talk about choices, I talk about the way the ending was revelead to the player and it was terible.

Kind regards and have a nice day :)

11-15-2018, 02:21 AM
It didn’t like the way TW3 (a game I have just over 1000 hours in, through three playthroughs) did it. It messed with my momentum.

I like the way Odyssey does it, especially as I have the Season’s Pass still to come, and I’m probably 200 from being done. Rolling credits would break my gameplay and ruin immersion.

11-15-2018, 02:37 AM
I greatly missed having a set of actual credits because it makes ALL the storylines feel optional. I definitely did not have any sense of finality or anywhere near the sense of accomplishment that I had in previous games that did have credits.

11-15-2018, 10:33 AM
I see your point.

Maybe rolling credits are a little bit too much (10 minutes of scrolling is a lot :) ), but I finished the game with no sense of accomplishment because they let me do the missions in an order they did not plan for. If I have done the mission in the right order, I would had no problem at all. It was nice.

What I can't stand is that they let the player choose how to do the mission, but they didn't take into account that the player may be doing in an order they didn't script for. And I think the fix would have been very easy with some lines of dialog. I think that they let me do those in any order, at least put the cutscenes in the order that I played them.

I just have an even better ending now.
If I do the Atlantis before the Cult and Familly, don't enter the cutscene where Barnabas and Herodotos talk about A good Odyssey. Right now there 2 cutscenes after you exist Atlantis: one where they talk about the Lost City itself, in the ruins, and the other were they are on the shore, near Adrestia, and talk as if the odyssey is over. This is the part that breaks the immersion for me.

There are 5 final missions:
1.1. Family on mount Taygetos + 1.2. the dinner (doesn't matter which or how many of your family is there) + 1.3. The meeting with Sokrates and the gang.(1.2 and 1.3 are linked with the previous ones, so I put them in the same cathegory_
2. The Cult
3. Atlantis

Whichever of those comes last, use the Barnabas and Herodotos dialog about A good Odyssey after the respective mission. And it makes sense in any way you fished them. If you make the above missions as last, you have:
1.1. + 1.2 + 1.3: After the party with the gang, you have defeated Atlantis and the Cult, so it makes sense for Barnabas and Herodotos to come to you and say: What a great Odyssey, I a setting of a luxury greek house, near a fountain, in the back of the garder. Nice and true to the Ancient Greek feeling. No need for credits.
2. You already finished Atlantis and Familliy (including 1.2 and 1.3, if not, use the first sugestion) and go back to Barnabas and Herodotos in front of the Temple of Apollo. Now they cand talk about the great odyssey you had and makes sense as a full circle to end where you first met Herodotos.Classic and a circle of higher power. No need for credits.
3. You already finished the Cult and all the other Family missions (as it is supposed to by the developers ...) and let the cutscenes as they are. No cutscenes. Epic.

I don't have any problem with the dialogs in the aforementioned cutscene, jut that they put it after Atlantis, as if this was ALWAYS the last mission you make. But that's not true, as long the palyers had a choise. In the original post I made some suggestions about how to limit for a controled ending, but I think this option of removing that cutscene and place it after all the mission are completed makes the player to have a feeling of acomplishment and end conclusion. No need for credits or ending screens,

A lot happens in the last missions: Deimos and your mother migh or might not be alive - preatty big / The Ghost is Aspacia - pretty big (if you are not spoiled from some i**** from youtube that doesn't know to name his videos) / Kassandra dies in Atlantis in 2018 - WOW. They are all pretty big revelations (exept for the familly tree, that was somehow predictable - some of them, at least), but the palyer has no sense of ending. No sense of conclusion. after 125+ hours, it should have at least a conclusion, and what Herodotos says: "This was a great odyssey i will never forget" (or smth like that) it is so well writen in the spirit of the game, BUT it must be placed at the RIGHT moment for the player. Give me choice, great, but take into account my choices and make me feel that at least I have done something good and I have really finished MY ODYSSEY.

P.S. Not everyone has a season pass, and waiting for the DLC's, but EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A SENSE OF FINISHING A GAME. When you end a book, even if you already know there is an other one that will go on, you still expect to have at least some conclusion. Why not a game?

11-19-2018, 07:26 PM
Agree 100%. The timeline (and ultimately the story) don't end up making any sense and therefore feels like you've really accomplished little. The ending is so final (good but tragic) that it just leaves you hanging waiting for the rest of it. After Kassandra dies (played her first), I was waiting for something...anything, to lead into a potential new story (or finally close this chapter). In every book, there is a true ending for good or bad. This one left me feeling sad and a bit confused.

11-19-2018, 08:29 PM
*When kassandra dies, there could have been a bit more dialogue covering the last few hundred years and more of what she wants to pass on to the future. Was kind of like she had wasted those years and just wanted to pass the staff on and die as fast as possible. Like it was all for nothing. If it were me in that position, I'd sit down and explain a few things of what the past few hundred years were, meant and what I'd want for the future. Explain that I've seen too many things and it's time for me to leave this world but wanted to make sure that there is somebody worthy to take over. Give a hug, some words of encouragement and then pass. As it stands, it's like...walk out of the shadows, yes Ive been alive all this time, here's your magic stick and it's time for me to die. Give her life's story a little meaning and closure.

11-19-2018, 10:03 PM
*When kassandra dies, there could have been a bit more dialogue covering the last few hundred years and more of what she wants to pass on to the future. Was kind of like she had wasted those years and just wanted to pass the staff on and die as fast as possible. Like it was all for nothing. If it were me in that position, I'd sit down and explain a few things of what the past few hundred years were, meant and what I'd want for the future. Explain that I've seen too many things and it's time for me to leave this world but wanted to make sure that there is somebody worthy to take over. Give a hug, some words of encouragement and then pass. As it stands, it's like...walk out of the shadows, yes Ive been alive all this time, here's your magic stick and it's time for me to die. Give her life's story a little meaning and closure.

I totaly agree with. I just realised that I would have been nice to see a story told from kassandra perspective, from the future, like a direct parallel to the sequence of Pitagoras when you touch the pyramid in the last Cult mission. That would have been awesome.

11-20-2018, 07:44 AM
The Epic Ending that I dream, long ago when I could still feel any love for the game, was to conclude with an epic retelling of YOUR journey being retold through the ages. The video would start on an island with an establishing shot, then go to woman tucking her child into bed:

KYRA: "Tonight, my child, let me tell you the story about your true father. Alexios arrived to save the rebellion. He answered my call, and he came to me when I [pause], when WE, needed him most"


KYRA: "You see LITTLE ONE, Your father Alexios came to us from Kephalonia. He was living on an island just like you. But...he was BORN AND RAISED a SPARTAN."

[Flashback videos on Kephalonia fighting the pirates, saying goodbye to Markos + Phoebe]

ODESSA: That was in the early days of my Odyssey. I was touring my family's ancient home of Ithica when Alexios asked me to join his crew after I rescued him from a band of pirates who had him locked away in a cage about to be burned alive!!


LITTLE KID VOICE: That's not how it goes!!

ODESSA: Our family's farm was going to be stolen away from me unless we could prove the governor was conspiring to take our land. We needed either evidence proving the governor's guilt OR we needed to drive him and his Athenian backers out of power by force. Alexios accomplished BOTH. The gods blessed him with a ship as a sign that they wanted me to join him on this journey, and I already knew the gods had blessed him in many other ways [THUS BEGINNING ODESSA'S ODYSSEY: EXPANSION PACK DLC]

ALEXANDER THE GREAT: We should scale this impossible cliff to attack from where they'd never expect to look, just like ALEXIOS did at _______

BRUTUS: Sometimes, it is possible for a king to commit treason and need to die. Remember the tale of Alexios against the Spartan King: Pausaneus....I am sorry, my dear friend & comrade [Stabs CAESAR]

BOXING TRAINER (shouting): Come on Rocky, you think Alexios got to ask for another week's training after he had to take over for Testikles and represent Sparta at the Olympics!!

OLD UNIVERSITY ARCHAEOLOGY PROFESSOR TO CLASS: So these old Mycenaean myths of Minotaurs & Monster Cyclopes that predate 12th Century BC survive today. Somehow these myths survived the transition to the age of civilizations with written, documented, history that occured around the 4th and 5th century BC. We presume that these fantastic creature myths exist everywhere but they were just lost or die out by the time writing became a tool of standard record. THEY SAY it is only chance-luck that Greek culture had the wisdom and foresight to write these ancient old myths down. Well call me a crazy old professor, but I SAY OTHERWISE. There are some versions in the epic Alexios tradition passed down to us today that include tales of him, a 4th century Greek, actually fighting these PRE 12th Century BC mythical beasts. It's anachronistic for us to assume that these beast must be fantastical elements relegated to story long before writing history. My collegues dissagree with me, but I like to believe that these records of fantastic battles with mythical beasts are from the 4th and 5th century BC as they are coming from the Age of Written History, that there must be some element of truth within these tails, AND THAT EXPLAINS WHY THE MYTHIC BEASTS OF GREEK LEGEND survive today. IT IS NOT THAT OTHER CULTURAL MYTHS OF EPIC BEASTS WERE LOST OR FAILED TO SURVIVE....It is that they never existed. For any of you who wish to entertain my fantastic notions, you can join this year's Summer archaeology internship expedition that I am leading to Crete where we will seek to uncover proof of Alexio's battle with the Minotaur.

STUDENT: Why not search for ALEXIOS fight with the Cyclopes of Kephalonia?

PROFESSOR: Fighting a cyclops on Kephalonia? Now that one is just silly. Any cyclops come from the Cyclopes islands, not Kephalonia. Totally wrong island on the wrong side of Greece. Why on earth would there be a cyclops on Kephalonia? That's the one I find hard to believe.