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11-13-2018, 06:06 PM

Hello everyone,

to help you with getting into The Settlers 1 and 2, no matter if you've played them before or if they're completely new to you, we created two guides for you.
In both we're providing you with some tips and advice regarding the basic game mechanics and how to create a successful settlement.
If you have any strategies you want to share with the community, come on over to the comment section on the Settlers Alliance.

Follow these links to the guides:

The Settlers I (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/guide-the-settlers-i-history-edition/)
The Settlers II (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/guide-the-settlers-2-history-edition/)
The Settlers III (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/guide-the-settlers-iii-history-edition/)
The Settlers IV (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/guide-the-settlers-4-history-edition//)
The Settlers V (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/guide-the-settlers-heritage-of-kings-history-edition)
The Settlers VI (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/guide-the-settlers-rise-of-an-empire-history-edition)
The Settlers VII (https://www.thesettlers-alliance.com/en/guide-the-settlers-vii-paths-to-a-kingdom-history-edition)