View Full Version : About unparriable attacks

11-13-2018, 12:48 PM
First, I thought that the game should take an other direction, but I think there is a fair way to introduce attacks that punish counters. Let's demonstrate it with the current shugoki, one of the weakest characters.

During a heavy startup, the shugoki could press guardbreak, making the attack punish counters (parry, deflect, superior anything). It has no visual clue, totally a guess for the enemy.
If the attack hits, it deals less damage, and drains double stamina from the shugoki (he can still follow it up with his extremely versitile combos).
If it is blocked, it deals only 1 block damage, costs double stamina. No punch through.
If it is dodged or whiffed, it takes double stamina.
If it is countered any way, it takes minimal stamina. The counterattack move will not come out (for example, the warden doesn't starts the crushing counter). The target is immedietely punched/backhanded by the shugoki, who deals 15 damage, some stamina damage and moves the target slightly, and can follow it up with something (an other heavy most likely, not guaranteed of course).

The logic behind this move is, the shugoki knows his weapon will be hit away, so he isn't giving in full momentum, waiting for that small opening. He won't hit that hard if he indeed hits something, and since he lost the momentum, he loses additional stamina to regain full control (it's a heavy weapon).

This move woud kill the shugoki if spammed because he would lose his stamina. Meanwhile, it's not reactable at all, no visual clue is given, it's completely a read (the opponent could watch the block damage and the stamina drain while blocking to understand when will he do which one). Dodging would beat both options, for that, there is the good old guardbreak, and the zone to pursue (with the same mechanic added).