View Full Version : My ideas for the next two heroes for Wu Lin

11-13-2018, 07:34 AM
Since we only have four Wu Lin heroes and the other factions have six it would be cool to see two more heroes for them as well to even it up. My ideas for the next two heroes are

The Wudang
Gender: Male
Weapon: Spear
Class: Hybrid
Story: Like the Shaolin, they are another other of monks who fight with internal martial arts or Tai Chi, Ba Gua and Xing Yi. They are followers of Taoism and with some mystic abilities. Now they wander in this strange world and fight alongside their Shaolin brethren.

Gender: Male or Female
Weapon: Jian (straight sword)
class: Assassin
Story: These warriors once fought for a lord until they became masterless. As warriors for hire they now fight in a strange land untl they can find their way home. They also look for a master worthy enough to raise their sword for again.

11-13-2018, 10:08 AM
Well, those are simple. And, somewhat, they feature the missing major weapons in chinese history. Personally, I am completely behind your suggestions. I am not saying that maybe Ubi isn't able to make something more amazing then those rather traditional concepts. But those so very traditional Weapons, for everyone who has studied or maybe ist is somewhat into asian culture (or lives there :3), I guess it would be incredibly nice to have those. So I really, really hope we might get them. However, I kinda fear we get some hammer hero first. Not saying I dislike a new heavy guy with hammer. But personally, I'd say put a heavy warhammer guy to the knights or vikings. Would suit both, their faction and their players more i'd say. But well, guess thats only about personal preferences :)