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11-12-2018, 11:34 PM
I was going to ask to play against some high tier players in a dual, but instead, if you consider yourself a high tier player, how would you personally, give me advice on small ways to counter some of my bad matchups? I tend to struggle against shaman, and highlander the most in duals and 4v4s. Ive been using kensei a lot recently, 80% wL in obj modes but 44% in duals, and those two characters (obviously on top of Warden and conq) I struggle with.

Like I said before I'm on console, but LS isn't a problem for me, it's more of the inconsistent, delayed mix for shaman that I have a hard time with, and for highlander, it feels like if I run out of stamina, I'm dead, or if I let him get pressure I'm dead so I have no clue how to counter him tbh unless I use my zerker and trade shots with each of our armors lol.

As far as my skill level goes, I get a mix of good and inexperienced players, 1.73 overall kd, 21days played 60.70% win loss. Very versatile with the characters I use.

So with that out of the way, shaman mains, highlander mains, or high tier players in general, what's the tech that I need to learn for these counters? What should I watch out for? Where are my windows of opportunity? Cuz I can't find em

11-13-2018, 12:13 AM
As a pro expert I must say picking Kensei is your biggest and only mistake .

11-13-2018, 12:18 AM
Kensei's swift strike is an immediate counter to any committed to unblockable that comes out from highlanders offensive form. Even the triple feint mix up (ballors into kick into toss) and the standard kick/toss mix up are beaten by it. I wouldn't do this from neutral too often. try dodging out of your top heavy from time to time if you see him going into OF from your heavy. As a good highlander will just feint out of OF and parry/superior block the swift strike. Beyond that I think your soft feint into light from top heavy is also decent at beating OF attacks.

Against shaman it depends how they're playing. But generally you'll want to rest your guard up top. If she is prone to throwing side heavies on reactions to indicators from you you have 3 options. Heavy feint into parry, heavy soft feint into light. heavy soft feint into side heavy. The armor lets you trade with the zerk on the heavy and is decent chunk damage. the light soft feint you'd throw in from time to time to throw off her timing (same with the side heavy) and the feint into parry is just an extra option. As always don't fall into a groove and use the same tactics repeatedly.

if she's someone who likes to do her bash soft feint or just hold her bash/wcr often your dash forward light is a decent response if she's in range. You can mix that up with a dash forward into zone cancel. And you can purposefully whiff your dash light out of range into a delayed side heavy to trade for some good damage. Of course if you can muster it dodging a committed to jumping heavy or bash in order to get a GB is a nice idea if a wall is near by so you can GB and splat for your unblockable top heavy.

If your opponent goes for top bleed often (both off of zone or from neutral heavy soft feint) you can reliably dash forward into it for a free GB. But I will admit using kensei's SB frames effectively does take a bit of work to manage. I myself haven't mastered it yet. Finally her unblockable left heavy soft feint mix up. How you deal with it entirely depends on how your opponent uses it.

If you notice they commit to letting it fly a lot then learning how to late dodge it is a good idea because you get a guard break for doing so. If they often wait to see how you react to it before they do something then just back dash immediately. It doesn't matter if she got into it through hit stun. It doesn't matter if she tries to react soft feint into GB or her dodge attack. Back dodging early lets you avoid being hit by the heavy and gives you the time to cgb her GB attempt or block/parry her soft feinted into side dodge attack. The only way she can counter this is by buffering her input for the guard break or the soft feint. Which means she'd have to read that you're going to back dash asap. I personally wouldn't recommend attempting to parry this just because she can soft feint to GB OR hard feint and parry. Either way you're really dsiadvantaged for attempting to parry it.

11-13-2018, 12:32 AM
I don't necessarily consider myself a high tier player, but I can consistently shut down any highlander I fight at the very least 85% of the time; it's to the point where I can count on one hand the amount of times I've lost a duel to one. I've had close matchups a plenty, but I typically don't lose to them. Though I do main Conqueror, I play duels with every Knight faction character, Valkyrie, Highlander, Raider, and Nobushi.

So what you need to watch out for is the following:
Highlander's light attacks are faster than some people give him credit for and he has omnidirectional crushing counter.
I've found the best way to counter this is to either side step and punish if they're aggressive with it, or feint for the light parry/dodge attack if they're a turtle.

I forget what the move is called off the top of my head, but it's his dash forward heavy. While it normally comes from the top, he can soft feint the first hit to be a side heavy that makes him spin to the side, and then soft feint the second hit either into offensive stance or to have the attack come from a different direction.
Your best bet here is to be patient and wait for the parry. If they soft feint, back step the first hit and wait to see what they do with the second. If they let it fly it'll happen pretty fast so you'll need to be on your toes. If it looks like they're going to soft feint into offensive stance, any character with a dodge attack can stop that right away if you time it right. Raider and Kensei in particular are able to dodge into a guardbreak iirc, which should guarantee you a heavy.

Formorian Kick (definitely misspelled that) into Caber Toss/Celtic Curse is something I've seen a lot of recently. The kick guarantees the unblockable heavy if you get hit with it. Additionally the timing to avoid the soft feint into Caber Toss is a bit tricky.
For the normal kick mixup you want to keep yourself just outside the reach of his claymore to bait him into doing it. Once he does the kick, side step. You'll be able to tell their intended mixup by their followup to that. If they go into a caber toss, dodge again. If they go into the unblockable you can enjoy a free parry. Higher level Highlanders usually don't go off of the assumption that the bash hits and toss the heavy immediately after, so it'll usually be mid level or lower that do that. So the timing to avoid the Kick Toss soft feint is based on the animation. In the animation for the kick, if Highlander puts his foot down before his knee is at waist height then it's going to be soft feint into a caber toss. At that point you want to wait to dodge until his arm has arced just past his shoulder. It's a quick reaction, so you'll probably want to go to the training arena to practice it on a bot. Additionally, I also suggest going into your User Interface and turning off the Fight UI so you can see the animation better.

Other than those three things it's usually just people trying to trade with you or pulling hard feint shenanigans, so for those I specifically suggest practicing against a bot with the fight UI off so you can learn his animations.

11-13-2018, 01:41 AM
Thank you in going to experiment in training, I appreciate the help

11-13-2018, 02:22 AM
Responding to shaman is the same for responding to Nuxia. Throw lights when applicable if you have one that is 500ms. This shuts down alot of her mix-up potential and only the computer will deflect, parry, or dodge them. So watch out for bots. For Highlander it's a tad bit different. I would say use your advanced block to intercept his celtic curse. You need to practice this, there is no easy way to just beat it. His kick and toss will just have to be dodged, it you can throw lights as well to intercept him midanimation. Standard feinting, guardbreaks, parry...etc...