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11-12-2018, 02:00 AM
In my experience with fighting games(soul Calibur, Tekken, virtual fighter, dead or alive....etc...) It has long come to my mind that balance as far as For Honor is concerned can be achieved by implementing universal truths in game. By universal truth I mean something that does not vary from character to character.

Some of these have been implemented already; but from a duel standpoint, not nearly enough.

1. Universal timings on guardbreaks, counter guardbreaks. All guardbreak should offer +5 on the first successful heavy attack and +3 on a light following the guardbreak. (To signify that you have struck true and through the defense)

2. Distance and timing of dodges.

3. Health Bar. Probably the most important. The variable ratings in 4 v 4's could remain to be good, but in duels, health should be equalized across all classes. I think 150-200 would be proper.

4. The ability to hard feint and soft feint. At every step of a chain, each hero should have an option to hard feint or soft feint. Those with 3 chains, 2 chains or infinite chains.

5. Unblockables: Each hero should have access to at least 2 unblockables. One from neutral and one in or at the end of a chain. The neutral should be hard feint-able, the chain should be soft or hard feint-able.

6. New moves requiring different inputs. We have a heavy attack and light attack option in the form of a zone. Sans Nuxia; a heavy guardbreak or light guardbreak button combo should do something as well. Maybe alternate zones?

7. Standardized Damage of attacks based upon the traits it has. For example:

Light attack: 15 damage
Chain light: 12 damage
Light finisher: 11 damage
Dodge light attack: 17 damage
Un-dodgeable dash light: 14 damage
Hyper armor light: 13 damage

Heavy attack: 25 damage
Heavy attack chain: 30
Heavy attack finisher: 35
Dodge heavy attack: 20 damage
Un-dodgeable dash heavy: 20 damage
Hyper armor heavy: 35 damage
Unblockable heavy(uncharged): 30
Unblockable charged heavy: 50 damage

These values would be consistent across all characters, so the only variable factors would be which characters have which attacks and the actual moves/speed and animations themselves. Every hero won't have an unblockable charged heavy, but if they did, it would do 50 damage regardless. Special moves like demons embrace, blade blockade, crushing counter and the like would vary of course, but those would be unique to the character/class and not need to follow the universal guidelines. Well what do you think?