View Full Version : 2 "easy global changes" for a somewhat healthier (more fun) dominion and breach

11-10-2018, 11:11 AM
Change 1: Increase stamina overall by at least 20%, maybe up to 50% maybe even more. Depending on the Hero (Shugoki, Nobushi etc.) stamina management makes playing this characters .. well, if not impossible then at least very stale and ultra-slow. Though I am not sure about the best numbers for it, an increase by 20% and awaiting feedback until you increase it by like another 10% to see where the sweetspot is might be the best approach.

Change 2: Nerf external cleaving damage. If you are an external target, you can't parry it. If the one targeted got gb'd or cc'd in any way, he will get hit and so will all that are in harms way. That's pretty much one of the reasons Kensei, JJ and a few others feel very powerful and specially some assassins have a very hard time in some gank situations. I'd say reduce this damage by 50% against players, but keep it in full effect against minions.Of course, the locked on target always takes 100%, same with a unlocked target that the game identified as the "target".
For those people that like the realism approach: Think about how hefty a swing of a Nodachi would be after you hit a lawbringer with it. Ok, guess the Nodachi might break. But thing is: after hitting one target aready, the swing would loose some power.
The coolest approach might even be to give the first target 100% damage, no matter where you locked on, and reduce the damage by 50% for every subsequent target. But guess might be hard to implement and this oughta be a real nerf for teamfights. So even if the first solution isn't the most realistic one, I guess it should be easier to implement and still work very decent.

I can imagine those changes came already up somewhere, I dunno. But I am sure Ubi is well aware of the need to rework / buff a lot of characters and I think we will get a lot of information on that in the upcoming Den.

What do you guys think, would these changes help, do you fear it would nerf guys like JJ or Kensei too much? Ah and when People say: please don't nerf Shugoki any more with this! - Thats not my intention. I really hope for a rework that brings him on another level, I just hope he doesn't get so strong that he even eats conq alive with armor and shield. But he may have deserved it by now t.t

11-10-2018, 11:41 AM
Change 1: i have an impression that everyone has the same stamina pool now. Is that a fact? the only difference is the stamina cost, but i suppose the sheer damage is a good trade-off for such cost. stamina management is a a more urgent problem in breach, especially minion clearing. we now have minion killing machines in heroes with infinite chain while vanguards who should be minion experts struggle with both damage, CC and stamina, like Tiandi, and Kensei perform surprisingly poorer.
change 2: diminishing damage for secondary hit sounds like a good idea.

11-10-2018, 03:22 PM
Hmm, If I remember correctly, you are right with mostly the same stamina pools, but only mostly. Thing is ressource management and the cost of attacks are different amongst the classes. And some - like Nobushi or Shugoki - will suffer from it. However, due to the reoccurring, felt rather general consensus that the game might be more enjoyable with more stamina at disposel - I mean who didn't run more stamina and stamina reduce gear before - this might help getting some enjoyment and "ease of use" for the heavier classes back.

When it comes to Infinite Chains and Minion Clearing though, I am 100% with you. Why are Vanguards suddenly so bad at it? Of course, poor Aramusha finally got a role he is good at, but we had once had the option to automatically fall into a minion clearing animation. So why not automatically fall into an minion clearing infinite chain for those heroes that are - or were - supposed to excel at this?

11-10-2018, 09:32 PM
More stamina means infinite chaining bad idea . 2 u want to nerf kensei bad idea . This is all fake news2

11-10-2018, 10:03 PM
How about incentivizing the objectives?

I was heckled for boosting C on a game we were just barely ahead on because I wasnt down with the others trying to kill the enemy team.

They must have gotten lost on the way to Skirmish cuz thatís not how you win objective-based games.