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11-09-2018, 01:27 PM
Hello all
This post is basically a list of suggestions I could think of to improve this game in general. Some of the things mentioned here were quite obvious to me and others were put a bit more thought into. I am a new player to this game . I really enjoy the combat system and it truly rewards skill and practice. I also dint find the currency system and server issues too unbearable. I am aware of the controversy regarding the servers when the game launched however it seems to work well for me at the moment if you ignore the occasional "connection to ubisoft server lost" warning .

These are only my opinions that i reached based mainly on the experience from playing many successful games from various genres.
One of the main problems I noticed in my region (asia) was a lack of players in some of the less used game modes.
This is the first multiiplayer game that i played where I had to wait for 15-20 mins to get a match on ranked when I havent even completed my placement games.
This is obviously due to a lack of players playing the mode. The reason for this was obvious to me. The first reason is because there werent much motivation to play ranked in the first place. After i completed my placements i was placed in platinum ranked. however there was no obvious way i could see my rank. then i noticed a very plain icon beside my name on start menu and profile. There was no obvious way other players i play with in other modes to see my rank . This can be done a lot better. in other competitive games, the rank of the player is displayed in a highly decorated badge or icon which could constantly be seen by other players and the badge is better with the higher ranks. I am not saying my rank is good, I know its trash but if there was incentive i would grind ranked to get a higher rank.
For me once i feel ive gotten pretty good with a hero I feel like theres not much else to do as I only have the same modes to do for the same rewards and it gets boring. Im sure this is one of the reasons For Honor csnt keep players. Playing other heroes maynot be a valid moivation for everyone one because in my case im a bit of a weeb and i only bothered playing orochi and shinobi and I know im not the only one like this. However if there was a well designed ranked system in this game where I dont have to wait for 20 minutes to find a game I would play it and try my skills against other players . The whole thought of climbing the ladder would be enough if I knew that the rank and badge will be worth it. Ofcourse other rewards such as emotes for certain ranks are also welcome.
After yeaars of playing ranked in moba games I have realised that th main factor that kept me and other players i know playing ranked was not the credit rewards but the respect and bragging rights we got from reaching high rank. This can only be achieved if it is possible to advertise the badge and rank in many places where your friends and other players can see it. A suggestion would be to display the rank and badge in a very unmissable way in th loading screen before matches. Also an easily accessible and dynamic ranked leaderboard will also help. This will keep more players playing the game and will reduce players leaving game after mastering one hero.
when more players stick around that will mean they will play other modes also with their friends.What ths does is since there are are overall more players playing concurrently the queue time for all modes and ranks will drastically decrease and will improve the overall quality of the gameplay experience. Which inturn will bring in more players gradually. I understand that not all regions suffer from these problems however these will improve the same aspects in all regions. Even dominion takes about 5 minutes to find a match here.
Another suggestion is to completely remove unused gamemodes and use the money to run the server for it to improve other aspects of the game.
I will edit and add other suggestions to this post in the future when im free.
Players from other regions please share your suggestions and lets try to be constructive instead of hating on the game.

This game has a lot of potential please keep working on it ubisoft and gradually it will truly become one of the greats.

Thank you!