View Full Version : A few changes that might help weekly arcade/arcade in general

11-09-2018, 06:55 AM
1. Remove damage/defense scores from being decided by gear score. It unnecessarily limits what heroes you can use, and we dont like that. Plus after making gear mainly for cosmetics anyway, just why is this a thing? Imo the level of mission should only reflect difficulty of bots/modifiers used.

2. Specifically for weekly arcade, when fighting multiple enemies they cant be parrying everything you do or dodging moves literally as you input the move. Also don't make them do ridiculous amounts of damage/have ridiculous defense. If the point is to have modifiers make things difficult, you don't need to add in crazy stat suppression as well.

3. Matchmaking for arcade? Well I think it'd be alright.

4. Maybe make it not just a 1vx fight, but an actual pve match for breach or dominion with modifiers? Essentially variety would be nice.
Anyway what do you guys think? Any additions?