View Full Version : What’s the best: Long range or close combat?

11-08-2018, 06:30 PM
Hey Folks,

Although all eight heroes fight with grace and style, each of them also have a very unique presence on the battlefield, and that’s why your team composition can tell a lot about both your strategy and your favorite playstyle! You may pick different characters if you tend to attack from a distance and want to protect your heroes from direct damage or, on the opposite, if you’d rather use close-range weapons and go full melee. Fortunately, Luigi and Rabbid Mario are here to help you adapt your strategy and fulfill your thirst for chaos!

Find more information below on how you played with these heroes this past year.



Luigi works his magic as a Scout. Even isolated from the team and far from the foes (17 cells being his maximum shooting distance), he doesn’t fear any enemy coming for him thanks to the Steely Stare he can activate up to three times. Your favorite side effect, the bounce, is also another way to push the enemies away and stay safe in your private, cozy sniper’s spot.

On the other side, Rabbid Mario is a melee fighter who’s not dreading to be surrounded by many threats and can quickly deal with them all at once thanks to a powerful combination of the Magnet Dance and the hammer. Once the enemies are attracted with the technique, he can then terminate them with his powerful secondary weapon. This combo also explains how he’s able to give an average of 374 damage per fight, being one of the most dreadful heroes on the field.

For your ideal team, who would you pick? Saying “both” is cheating. If you tried both styles before finding your own style, we’re interested to know what would be the pros and cons for long range and close combat according to you!