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11-08-2018, 06:29 PM
After the Halloween even I realized what the issues with these events are but also no some methods for fixing it so here we go.

Problem: Isolating people who couldn't play enough during the event

People have a number of reasons for not playing during the events and in the current system if you miss the event that is it, you miss out on many high quality event loot, never to be seen again.

A game should not punish you for events in the real world,

This is actual an easy and complicated fix at the same time.

we have a couple options for how to best fix this option and they should be used to varying degrees

1) Recurring:

Make it so that some of the rewards come back next year during that corresponding event
(Best used on Weapons, and maybe Armour if you decide to do that)

2)1st time free 2nd time not:

Make it so that the loot goes from grind-able to purchasable:
this has two sub catigories

2a) Permanent:
They will move to purchasable and will stay in the shop all the time
2b) Recurring:
Comes back the next time the event comes back, but is purchasble
(Best used on effects, ornaments, and battle outfits)

With these methods you are rewarding those who made it to the events well not isolating those who did, for there is always a chance to get the event loot.

Problem: RNG Grinding

The grind is extreme, to the point where it's starting to be impossible to get everything on everyone.

The best way to fix this is to make a Event mission system.

So you have missions (Lets make them character specific) and after you complete them you get rewarded with event loot (Effects, ornaments, and battle outfits) you might have 1 mission per loot piece.

This fixes the issues of getting screwed by RNG and can make the grind a little more tolerable, you know how to get the loot you want.

Now I do understand that maybe the Weapons need to be random, and I'm fine with that but make a create that guarantees 1 event weapon when opened during the events.

You may want to add something exclusive to the events or maybe you have a 1 time event, and this is fine, but you should follow some rules.

1) everything must be close to obtainable from a regular amount of play (1-2 hours a day) [Some of us have stuff to do]

2) Hard to get things should be skill oriented (you must achieve a hard task to get)

3) Hard to get things should be small (Emblem frames, or Emblem Icons) this gives those people bragging rights without making everyone else feel lacking in general game aesthetics.

Example Time of events done right.

Dead by Daylight Halloween event:

In this event you needed to harvest a specific resource and with enough of it you could get cosmetic parts for your characters.
This event was grindy but you new exactly what to grind and what the rewards were going to be.
At the end of the event all Event loot was added to their store as purchasable

This was good because you were rewarded for being their well still having a path to get good looking cosmetics if you were not there.

It was impossible to get everything through this even, but that was fine because their is another path to getting the things you want.

League of legends:

They have been doing events for years and are a good template to model events around.

all events are given enough time that anybody could get everything given a normal amount of play.

If they have 1 time events (Which they do regularly) the exclusive rewards are small, many rewards are things like in-game currency, and the rarest rewards are based off of how hard a mission was to do.

You get event points for doing event missions and are given a list of potential rewards
RNG rewards are a thing but you must chose that reward.

Not everything is obtainable with the event missions but everything is (Guaranteed) obtainable if you want it.

In Conclusion:
Understand we are people with a limited amount of time and that RNG ruins the fun of these events.