View Full Version : Spam meta vs turtle meta veterans

11-08-2018, 01:24 AM
I've been seeing alot of rep 80 or below players out there who choose spam characters as their main or just jump on the new faction characters thinking the new spam will beat older players who have been through and flourished during the turtle meta days and when they can't beat a good turtle they blame the spam character instead of looking at their own play style as the problem.

You learn ALOT more being a turtle than you do from just picking up a spam character and crushing noobs. The first thing you learn is that spam players have little to no defensive skills compared to a veteran of the turtle meta. You learn how to consistently counter guardbreak, you learn perfect spacing, timing/capturing frames.

I've been seeing this alot in dominion. Turtle Vets will block/parry most of of a spammers shots and exhaust them then hit them where they are weak..their defense.

I've been called many names because of sore losers but I'm proud to be a 🐢 in a sea of spam.

The moral of this story is if you're part of the spam meta don't blame the spam character and demand buffs because you never learned to turtle properly. That's on you.

11-08-2018, 10:09 AM
Still, turtles are very unfun to play against.
I met one LB in Breach, and we spend whole first phase to fight in a single duel. I play Warden I tried everything I could. Feints, SB, zone. Nothing helped. He don't care about feint, or if he triggered at least, he immediately cancel his own heavy. I tried to predict my SB and half of it works. During this duel he have revenge three times! I got it once. And after all he got his lucky parry and killed me. He got one last bar of the health. Do you think I enjoy this stupidity? And I'm not spam or anything, but I understand. If I have Rochi or some of new chars I would win this duel.
And I understand this LB however. I have 8 rep LB and I now turtle is all he has now. But this is on devs, not on us, players.