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11-07-2018, 07:40 PM
Whoever made the move list for these characters are the second most uneducated unaware *******es I have ever seen in a big gane production industry. What inspired you to give the shaolin and, jiang jun, tiandi, and nuxia near unblockable light attacks? Was the aramusha not a big enough try hard character for you people? You can't even dodge out of Shaolin's sidestep heavy which is ridiculous. Not to mention his stamina, are you kidding me? You make a character that can literally just sit there and span unblockables and damn near unblockable light attacks, and give him a big *** stamina pool? And for Tiandi, he has the same problem with hus top light into chain, its too damn fast. His health pool is also really high. Nuxia needs a shower light but she actually needs a more viable heavy attack. Jiang Jun needs a damage nerf because you can literally get three tapped (possibly even twi tapped) and get neess a speed nerf because that switching sjde attack is just ridiculous. Sadly, the first most uneducated u aware *******es that I've ever seen In a production industry is the people that gave the ok to putting out this disaster of a faction with all these very visable problems. I am speaking on behalf of not just the console community but also the entire fortnite community. I am sure a lot of the players that still play this game can agree that this new faction is ridiculously overpowred and takes no skill whatsoever to use.