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11-07-2018, 03:40 PM
So first off i know AC Unity is an old game, that said however it is the only co-op Assassin's game there is.
Unity was a great idea that suffered from some online bugs due to connections this is true, but as of late its ran really smooth for me and a most of the other people who play. With the recent two Assassin's titles being offline i was hoping we could convince the devs to give some new content.

Unlike the Ezio collection or Black Flag which i hear had online restored Unity has a full customization option, cloths, weapons, etc. While the other multiplayer style you just select a pre-made character.
Unity could still have tons of life in it, new co-op missions, new outfits, maybe even more story DLC that lets you play as Elise or something. Point is with Unity being the only co-op, possible for a long time, i'd love to see more done with it.

11-15-2018, 03:25 PM
So for day's bump i wanna add a few things i'd personally love to see thrown into Unity.

*The ability to play as Elise or a new DLC storyline that you can play as her then have the ability to switch between her and Arno for co-op missions.

*More four player co-op missions, the four player missions are truly the heart to this game. However the ones we have are boring at this point. As the only co-op AC game this would be great.

*More weapons and clothing parts. The customization style is truly one of my fav things about this game. No other AC game comes close.

*Maybe have some new Helix missions but co-op. Like one where your sent back to the one where catapults are firing at you and you have to fight your way into the castle to get to the portal.
Or one you have to sneak past people while a plan attacks if your spotted like that one on the tower. But as co-op.

*More Helix missions, this is by far the best thing ever put in an Assassin game. Using these you can literally go to any timeline, any point in the AC storyline. The fact it wasn't used after Unity is truely sad.

Those are just some ideas, but over all more Unity stuff, least till a new co-op is out.

11-23-2018, 02:33 PM
This is a really good idea!

Unity was a fantastic game (after a couple of fixing patches.)

Unfortunately Ubisoft has no financial interest in investing more work in older games.

Maybe if there would be a next episode about Arno, like there were two about Ezio. The Napoleonic environment would have much potential. Unfortunately, that is not a fashionable era nowadays. (Historical settings like that require a bit more knowledge and thinking than ancient Greece to fully understand.)

11-26-2018, 02:24 PM
That's the thing, the chances of them making another co-op are slim to none. After the last ones were offline the best we can hope for is the old multiplayer (I personally don't care for that style).
If they were to just update Unity they wouldn't need to do to much. Everything is already there.

Just throwing in Elise as a selectable character to use in co-op missions and stuff would be enough for most people though.

12-17-2018, 06:21 AM
It would be great, but it won't happen.
AC changed. They no longer care about its fundamentals like stealth.

They want to pursue stuff that will make them more money. There is literally zero chance they would add more content to an old game especially the one that was so mocked for technical issues...

Online may return when they try MMORPG. Which they should as Odyssey is exactly that only in Offline mode.

12-18-2018, 12:11 PM
IOnline may return when they try MMORPG. Which they should as Odyssey is exactly that only in Offline mode.

I'd be happy with even that, i've always felt that AC is better for a cooperative style then a competitive one. As an MMO it would have a huge cooperative element. Since Brotherhood people have wanted an AC game they not only make their own Assassin but join or build a Brotherhood. Everyone thought Origins might be this, then it was announced offline.
As it stands Unity is still the only one that allows you to fully customize your Assassin with clothing parts rather then skins, this was the closest they been to free custom Assassins since. Until a new co-op game comes out i will keep trying to bump this post.