View Full Version : Things to do to make the game better

11-07-2018, 08:48 AM
Make 1v1 maps arenas only... get rid of the bridges and small rooms and cliffs. I don't like being thrown off a bridge or into a fire or into a saw and I don't like fighting in a small tiny room against a turtle class when I am a "mobile" class

Allow us to click off the "Level Up" and "Orders Completed" screens, I played a breach match and after the match I had so many "congratulations" screens that the next match started before I could even finish clicking them all off. I never got to see my gear, my rewards, my xp, or assign new orders or place my troops. I don't want to see the congrats screens and I should be able to just click them off instead of waiting 5s per screen for it to go away

Get rid of revenge mode in brawls, I know it's to help level the playing field in a 2v1, but it shouldn't be in brawls

Get rid of perks in arcade mode and make it more of a "Gladiator" style arena like in the movie Gladiator where your opponent gets harder and harder as you progress in the arena

Add throwable weapons to the game

Allow players to ban maps BEFORE they 1v1 duel, each bans 1 of the 3 maps, last map is played

Allow players on brawls 2v2 to ban maps before they play, each player bans 1 of the 5 maps, the 5th map is played