View Full Version : Graphical changes causing instablity

11-07-2018, 04:23 AM
Ive noticed Recently that ever since Marching fire the Graphical side of the game has been extremely more unstable. Its fair to have some new instabilities for the first week or so but no fixes for these bugs have been seen, at least by me. And ive heard the same complaints from other people aswell in game. One reoccurring problem that ive seen is a freeze frame. Ever 1-1.25 seconds I receive about a 0.15-.0.25 second freeze frame that makes it so nothing is moving on screen. This starts at random in a match and will continue till I restart the game. I have checked everything out on my end and its not my graphics card. I repeat, this is not an issue with my graphics card. it is more then able to handle for honor and I dont even have For Honor on the highest settings, and when monitoring my GPU and memory, I see nothing unusual when playing the game, but I will still experience this bug. There are also numerous network issues that make the game feel like season 2 at times but that's an entirely different issue, but also worth talking about. Either way If anyone else has been experiencing similar problems I would ask we list them so that Ubisoft and the For Honor team might see them. But I implore you, make sure it is not you're PC or graphics card that is at fault here. please do as I did and run a few tests before you throw out your bugs.